Shotels should have 1 RoF

Shotels currently have a RoF of 1.2 which makes comparing their strength versus other units a headache. You have to multiply by 1.25 to equalize it versus the standard 1.5 RoF which isn’t immediately obvious.

Shotel’s unique thing is faster RoF so this could be retained by changing it to a more intuitive RoF of 1 and dropping their attack accordingly (from 13 to 11). To compare to other units you just multiply by 1.5 which is more intuitive in my opinion. It also allows for a direct comparison with several other 1 RoF cavalry such as the Boyar, Deli, and Oromo. A one to one comparison with Oromos would be especially useful.

The other unit that needs its RoF changed is the Line Infantry. It’s even worse with a ranged RoF of 2.7, which means it’s attack is 111.111% better than the standard 3 RoF. This is horribly unintuitive and makes comparisons extremely difficult. Just increase its attack from 21 to 23 and give it the standard 3 RoF! Line Infantry is also a terrible unit name and not at all Habsburg related. It would be great to just entirely replace the unit with Grenzers.


I agree. I think ROF that is not 1, 1.5, 2, or 3 makes it difficult to intuitively compare dps.


Is it very important during a game to compare dps.

Shotel dps is 12.5/1.25 = 10 dps. Easy enough to calculate. And even if its 13 and not 12.5, it will be 10ish. Are exact numbers really necessary while playing?

Outside of a game you might like to calculate these things. But its not that bad.

Making its rof 1 might make it too strong, because that means it can land more hits before it dies, making it stronger.

No one does this in game. What you may do is make a comparison between units, so you want it easily comparable to the baseline RoF which is 1.5. 1.2 RoF is not as easy to compare as 1 RoF. Your numbers are also wrong. Shotel RoF is 1.2, not 1.25, so their DPS is ~11, not 10.

Yes units that attack faster may occasionally get in one extra hit. But Shotels already attack faster and do this anyway so they wouldn’t get any additional benefit from this. If their DPS is too high, they could simply increase their cost to balance them.

The wiki says rof is 1.25 but damage is 13. So its closer to 10 than to 11.

Anyhow, my point is that you can always compute these things outside of a game when you are relaxed and have a calculator with you.

Being easy to compare doesn’t appear to me as a necessary part of unit stats.

This is pulling from the game data and it says 1.2:

Not too much difference either way though.

When it comes to attack rate, simpler is better. The more standardized it is, the easier it is to compare units. The vast majority of players are not going to break out a calculator after a game. But if the stats are more readily comparable, they can see how the units stack up against each other.

O que mata esse jogo é essa matemática complicada, por isso tantos tem aversão ao estilo do game.