Should Age of Mythology 2 be a reboot like Starcraft 2?

Well there is a lot of concern about how should Age of Mythology 2 be if it happens sometime. Some people want to be a completely new sequel with new civs, others want to have old civs back so i was thinking:

Should it be a reboot of old Age of Mythology like Blizzard did with Starcraft 2?

In my opinion i really want to keep the original civilizations (Greek, Egyptian, Norse) since their culture and mythology is so rich and awesome. I’m ok adding 1 or 2 new civs such as Japanese or Aztecs (no Chinese please since the disaster of the dragon tales) but not a whole bunch of new civilizations. I’m aware that history is plenty of civilizations and cultures with a lot of myth out there but let be honest, when someone talks about mythology the first stuff that comes to your mind are Zeus, Thor and Anubis for example. Nobody thinks about Nu Wa or Dagda come on.

So a reboot it would be a really good option for me. Keeping all the good stuffs from the original game and adding new ones too would be really awesome and the right move to make here towards Age of Mythology 2.
Blizzard did it really well in this aspect.

What do you think?

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Starcraft 2 wasn’t a reboot, it was a direct sequel…


It was, but also a reboot of the saga in some way. They kept mostly all the original units and even buildings, and added new ones with some changes here and there, but mostly, the core from the original starcraft was there. Even that it was a sequel, they could have changed it a lot, from buildings to units.

But they didn’t.

I ask the same for AoM 2.

A reboot is when you reset the narrative of a work of fiction and rebuild it from the ground up, like how Ubisoft rebooted the Might and Magic franchise, or how the Hitman series was rebooted in 2016.

What you’re asking for doesn’t have a specific name, but I know what you mean. Like what Saints Row 4 was to Saints Row 3, or what Fallout 2 was to Fallout 1.

Did you know that there is this small country called China that just happens to have 1/5 of the world population.

Games aren’t only made for a North American and Western European market anymore.
Back in the 90s and early 2000s the Eastern European and East Asian markets were still relatively separate but that changed now.

I still can’t pronounce the Chinese gods though (likely our pronunciation of the Egyptian ones is totally wrong too but they can’t complain anymore) but I think more exotic (for us Westerners) cultures are always interesting.
AoM can’t teach me about Greek mythology anymore but I know barely anything about Slavic, West African, Chinese, Central American or Mesopotamian mythology.

A good AoM should be a mix between familiar and unfamiliar stuff. It should get people interested in things they didn’t know before.

AoM is like a hybrid between AoE1 and SC1. The developers tired to make AoE more like Starcraft.
Warcraft 3 also showed that you can make a similar game with 4 civilisations and was released a few months before AoM.

AoE3 is somewhere between AoE2 and AoM. While AoE4 will be like AoE2 with a bit of AoE3.

I think an AoM2 could very well work as a game between AoE4 and SC2.
The number of starting civilisations doesn’t have to be as low as 3, even the very asymmetric WC3 had 4. 5 could be a good start.
Not every unit has to be completely different between the civilisations but they should have unique skins like in AoE4.

Heroes are one thing that should be reworked. They should be between WC3 heroes, AoE3 explorers and AoM heroes.
Unique named characters that are strong, especially against mythological units but that aren’t the one game deciding element like in WC3 where the normal units are just XP source for the heroes.

Also please rework favour, in AoMEE 3 out of 5 civilisations just gain favour by building buildings (Monuments, Town Centres and Gardens)

Starcraft 2 is less like Starcraft BW than AOEII or especially Age of Mythology. SC2 is a series of arcade-style games, ie. dodge the biles, stutter step micro, ding the mule calldown bell, juggle with the air transport, click through all your creep tumours as fast as possible, etc. etc. etc… Sadly SC2 has very little in connection with SC:BW other than in name.

Instead of any followup to AOM to emulate something like SC2 I would value instead something that simply embraces AOM itself and just improves directly on what it already has.

AOM has really good civilization options -Greek Egyptian Norse Chinese and a “beginner accessible” Atlantean. It can maybe fit +1 mythological civilization in there. AOM has a beautiful simplicity yet with variety in its units where you have a unit types that are shared between civilizations that keep the game familiar and understandable ie. Myth Unit / Hero / Human unit and then Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, etc. but then units unique to each civilization ie. Hoplite vs. Spearman and never redundant ie. there’s just one toxote for the greek archer rather than two or three more different variations of the archer where one is fast but short ranged and the other is tanky and so on. AOM has a couple of balance concern specifics but close to nothing that needs to be ripped out and redone, which is very impressive given its strategic depth and variety. AOM has a couple of incongruent elements; as said, AOM is like AOE2 and SC:BW mixed together, but AOM inherited the formation movement style of AOE2 which was designed with the idea of armies clashing while it favors the more dynamic engagement styles of SC:BW with concepts such as surrounding and picking off individual units, attacking and retreating, etc. and these things don’t really match each other. AOM has a sometimes obtuse way of streamlining macro mechanics that could be streamlined again with better, more modern concepts for example instead of Autoqueue use a multi-building selected accessible smartqueue that looks more like your production tab of your custom UI for your replays. AOM can make several of its core elements just “pop” with some good RTS game craftmanship- hoplites/spearmen that can attack over each other in formations, which appears to be in AOE4, as an example.

Essentially if they just make Age of Mythology a second time you have the ideal AOM2.

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I really expect a remake, with better graphics engine and better gameplay, this game have much potential but not too much support.
I talked with capoch, for peoples who dont know him he is age of empires 2 expert, and he said aom is better than age 3 (with respect to age 3 players), but not better gameplay than age 2 or warcraft 3, and I think he’s right, original game really is fun, but not good for play competitive.
the balance of units is bad: look this Twitch 1 good power on heroic destroid all army, this good for play competitive?.
the gameplay have too much bugs, like sometimes units moves like a retards:
Other bugs:
Look the lag on water battles on steam version
Original version is more afable
Ungarrison units dont work so good in original game (idk on steam version),
well thats was my opinion, ty for read :slight_smile:

Like Age of Empires 3 DE? Oh, no, it isn’t better than the original Age of Empires 3 at all.

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Really i dont played much age 3, but i just hope a good aom game with the fluency of original game for play online and better gameplay if is possible (steam version have good ideas too, like more zoom etc…
but many things need be fixed, like lag playing online, balance of civis, etc…) lets see next year, what microsoft will do with aom.

Definitely a AoM2 or reboot but of course with at least the 3 major races but maybe with different gods/creatures or orders and a few tweaks (like greek-like heroes for every race wouldn’t hurt imo)

and ofc it would be awesome if we would get chinese, maya/aztec and some other race additional.

like 6 starting races as celebration and a love note after 20 years would be awesome and atlantean as new tweaked dlc (i think atlanteans should not be starting race and the myth creatures are cool but way too weak and some badly executed imho)