Should all real guard units hace their own skin?

As i said. Should all real guard units that are common units have their own skin??

  • Yes, they would
  • No

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Imperial upgrade skins as well


Royal guard skin only should be efective from age 4.

And units received by Church technologies too!


The revolutionaries should also have their own skin. :smile:

Yes, please, it’s not fair that malta is the only one.

Don’t they have?


Only for newer countries like Mexico and Malta; old units like Musketeers and Dragoons keep their Guard skins when upgraded to Imperial.


They coul add the removed musk skin to 3 age, actual 3 age skin moved to 4, and so would have one skin for each age.


Well, just wait to the @GwentMaster2163 mod to be released.

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Giving a distinct uniform to common units that have royal guard status in one civ may make it confusing for players to figure out what they are fighting against (“Is that a royal guard British musk or is it a unit from one of the royal houses in this map?” sort of scenario) . The roster of units in this game is already massive as is. I see no need to make it even more extensive.


Yes. If Royal guard had their own skin could be some confused. But this only would be from age 4… And could been a little diference

I think it could be possible if the change was small, take the Independence Guard from the Gran Colombia revolution for example, you can still tell it’s a musk but he has a different hat. Other units use the concept too like how Egyptian revolutionaries wear turbans instead of tricornes.

this is just an example using the new ‘deserted skirmisher’ skin that exists as a treasure guardian on some of the european maps but similar idea. You can still tell its a skirm at a glance which is most important.


One thing that i want to remember you. With the revolutions, units that upgrade from common units have their own skin. And this is not problematic because all of them are similar to the units that they come from. Are only little details like color, another hat, etc…

You can say that before DE, but now there are already Swedish, US and Mexico musketeers that are nothing more than “typical 18/19th century infantry” at a glance, and a lot of skirmishers that just look like a random irregular. I don’t think people have problems distinguishing them.
At the same time, there are so many examples where units with the exact same appearance (shared European units) have drastically different stats. That has always been the case for AOE. A veteran musketeer of the British can beat a guard one of the French. You’ll always need to check the civ and tech status to get the exact stats. Or just do not run your cavalry into anything that looks like a musketeer, except one or two rare cases that you really need to remember.
Of course careful designs are needed (e.g. color schemes, animations, hats), but sheer number itself would not cause the problem.


Take the carolean for example (all images stolen from Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom)



The difference is not huge. It’s apparently still the same unit, but you can clearly tell the latter is a different upgrade.

So some small but visually distinguishable changes can be added like:

  • Hats (color, brim, feather, cockade, etc.)
  • Color schemes
  • Backpacks, etc.
    The model parts can be easily swapped and as there are so many right now it could make a lot of distinct combinations.

Actually some regular units already have different skins depending on the civ/upgrade like halberdiers and skirmishers.
Guard skirmisher

Consulate/Royal guard skirmisher: