Should AoE IV really cover a larger time period?

When I look at the civs in AoE2, I think we already could split this game in two, one covering the Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages (with Goths, Huns, late Romans together with Byzantines, early Franks throwing axes around, all Slavs grouped together, Vikings, Saxon, etc.) and the other one covering the High and Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance (with French, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russians, Poles, Mongols, Turks, gunpowder, etc.)
Some of AoE2 civs are clearly designed with one of those eras in mind, either because they didn’t exist in the other half of the Middle Ages, because the game designers couldn’t decide which part of their history they were more intersted in (this one is especially true for the Franks who were there during the whole time period but get access to their unique unit at the exact age where they should stop using it and change their name)
Now, having an even larger timeframe as I’ve heard we were told about doesn’t only mean more historical inaccuracy and less consistancy, it would also result in way more civs never appearing in any AoE game. The game designers have way more options to chose from, but not more time and resources to work on them all, and I’m a little bit worried by the number of intersting factions which will get the axe.


Yeah I´ve read the same and have the same worries. AoE2 already covers like 400 AD (I mean if you have Goths that can´t even build stonewalls) to the Turks with Gunners (15th century) which actually does not belong to medieval anymore… frustrating confusion here. 3 Ages should be enough actually, you would not lose a lot of fun factor. But seems to be 4 ages again.

I´ve heard the speed of different civs climbing up the ages will be supposed to be different too. So I am wondering if there are different costs in age ups. Since Mongols are known to be waiting in the wings, we might have the same unrealistic scenario of mounted horseman chargin into cannon fire again. :confused:

And I heard the basic units will be completely different from civ to civ so there won´t be like Knights available for everyone which is nice.