Should Arabia-only players be forced to play other maps?

Consider players who only wish to play Arabia and enjoy much less, or nothing at all, playing any other map that is not Arabia. After the queue dodging update, they have no choice but to play a game they do not enjoy.

Should these players be forced to play other maps from the pool in 1v1?

  • Yes
  • No

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Should these players be forced to play other maps from the pool in 2v2/3v3/4v4?

  • Yes
  • No

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To give some context to this poll, keep in mind Arabia is by far the most popular and classic map to play AoE2. As it was pointed out recently in the “Queue Dodging Timeout Feedback” discussion, according to the stats here Age Of Empires II: DE Global Stats – Age of Empires, Arabia is as of today played around 54.7% of the times in ranked 1v1s (tiny maps). That is, 4 times more frequently than Arena (the second most popular map) and 15+ times more frequently than any other map (being Golden Pit the third most popular, played 3.5% of the times).
In team games the difference is less drastic, where Arena is almost as popular (or even a bit more popular in the case of large maps) as Arabia. Still, with the exception of large maps, Arabia is the most popular map for TGs as well, being played around 24%-32% of the times.

What about just having a ranked lobby?

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I really feel like ranked lobbies are quite an outdated idea. It was something that worked in the time of Voobly, but matchmaking is a much more modern system. Only problem? AoE2 DE ranked matchmaking has a few issues. I think that splitting it into and Arena only and an Arabia only queue as well as the other stuff might be a better starting position.


Nah, I think the system should stay and get the ranked lobby added alone

Not saying I don’t think the idea could work. But the poll aims at a solution much simpler that doesn’t need designing, discussing and implemitng a whole new ranked lobby system.

The thing is: what you want also needs to totally remake the ranked system. At least the other way we have the sort of reliable to fall off

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Not really, e.g. for 1v1s all it takes is giving 6 bans instead of 3.

Thats not how the system works though. Basically, the pairing occurs before the maps are banned

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I think they should play other maps because It’s called Ranked Random Map, not Ranked Arabia lol Hey i like to play Arabia as much as the next guy, but i don’t cry when i get another map that i may not like. I may cry a little when i get Arena because i know that’s a sure loss for me, but whatever, it’s a game!

I think being able to play every map well is part of being a good player. Maybe if ppl only want to play 1 map all their lives, they could go Unranked? Or make a Ranked lobby, Arabia Only or something like that. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think if you Queue for Ranked Random Map, you should be prepared to play whatever map you get. Just my 2 cents


I agree as far as rating players’ skill is concerned. But I think the purpose of ranked matchmaking is having a very practical tool to easily find an even match and priority should be the match is enjoyable for you, rather than being a competence for ELO (In that case, I think any tournament fits the purpose of deciding who’s best way better than ranked ladder ELO).

Of course I’m not saying the 55% of people who prefer Arabia wouldn’t by any means play anything else, and it’s OK if you don’t mind playing other maps. I’m just thinking about people who do mind because for whatever reason do not find it that fun and would rather not play, or keep waiting for a longer time to find an enjoyable match.

Again with the entitled players that don’t play MP but want to see others being forced to play things they don’t want cause they believe that is the way it should be played…

Random maps does reference to the start of the game mode, low resources, a town center +few villagers and one scout starting from dark age, the only maps that do not belong to random map are nomad/african clearance/ln and mega random by pure definition and yet the devs still forcing us to play non random maps but nomad maps.

You buy a game to play what you want, if you want to become the king of socotra let it be at the end of the day it is your time and your preferences, only players that actually play low play rate maps defend to death the current MM and map voting cause the system allows them to play their niche maps more often than they should by abusing a non democratic system,yes you are reading it fine if 7 players from 8 want to play one map but one single dude bans it, then 7 players are forced to play other map, defending that system is outdated, some guys around here just want a dictatorship where the devs should put the rules and everyone obey them without asking.


You can’t reasonably let players not choose their map, but choose their civ. Civ picking and map picking goes hand in hand. You can’t logically have only 1 - as you can use the arguments for the other too. If it is a random map from those who favored one, civ picking should work this way too.
If one of eigth player enables random civ option, there is a 12,5% chance everyone gets random civ - because this is what the map selection is currently like

Can’t you basically do this already. Just ban Arena, African Nomad, and the water map. Then all your matches will be Arabia, middle forest Arabia, middle relic Arabia or Arabia with a random scout and starting building.

It’s players that like closed, hybrid, nomad, or water maps that are forced to play other game modes frequently. I do disagree with this, we should all have more map choice. Just seems strange for Arabia players to be the ones pushing for it since they can basically play their preference every game.


I am not sure how you find mega random similar to arabia. Nor it is always the case there are 2 very similar maps (arabia and runestones) in the same pool, usually it is not. If there are no arabia players, and someone bans arabia, then you might be forced to play some very different map.

I agree. It would make more sense for Arabia because, as I said, it is 15+ times more played than any map (but arena) in 1v1. However, in general, I believe no one should be forced to play some map they don’t want.

There is a potential drawback though: “more map choice = longer queues”. I do not believe this is a problem. I don’t think this would have a negative impact, as playing a map you don’t want to has. And in the end, if you want to play a very unpopular map, you are free to choose whether you want to wait 10 minutes to get what you want, or if you rather have a game quickly in 2 minutes and play whatever map.

I support free choice of maps.


That’s not what ‘random map’ means. Starting units and buildings are determined by the map script as well as the game mode. Random map games allow you to pick settings like starting resources, victory conditions, population limit, etc. (outside of ranked multiplayer, which has to have fixed settings purely for practicality’s sake). Nomad, African Clearing and Megarandom are map scripts, not game modes.

(Also, the devs aren’t forcing you to do anything.)


I guess it’s more random sometimes than others. Lately I’ve been getting very generic megarandoms. Maybe a few extra sheep or deer, but the maps have not been interesting at all. Sometimes just a smaller arabia with forest around the edge (like socotra without water or rocks), other times there were a few cliffs like Acropolis. Could just be luck, maybe there are still some crazy maps in megarandom, I remember getting more hybrid and swamp maps in there a while back and I’m not sure if it’s been changed.

Civ picking is a good thing. The closest restriction I would ever come close to approving would be if you choose a civ, you stick with it regardless of what map pops up.

Nomad, which includes african clearing, is a separate game mode, not a separate map script. Nomad just happens to have maps made for it, that is all it is.

Mega random is a seperate mode until they fix the start to have at minimum and maximum 1 town center, 3 vills+civ bonuses, 1 eagle or normal scout depending on civ; everything else about mega random can be as random as it wants and then I would consider it a normal random-map script that would deserve its place in the ranked queue.

Random map is random map not random start;
Random map is a normal start random map queue.

why u should force anyone to play a map they dont want/like?