Should Asian civ be able to rebuild the wonders?

They should certainly not be rebuildable.


nah, strelets should be 0.75 population on age v

no. this is the only real way to stop japan’s stupidity in late age 5


To be fair, all of them are toxic in late game and they only thing making them OK is the fact that wonders can be petarded/sniped in some way. Taking that away is a very scary concept.

It is obvious that the Wonders are allegoric/symbolic representations of important/sacred buildings in a town of an Asian civilization. The developers choose some very important constructions to represent that. That’s not the real Taj Mahal, it is a token building who depicts an important building in a city/town.

I think you just don’t like some stereotypes applied to the Asian civs, but all the civilizations are based in stereotypes because they are symbolic representations, this is a game, and is impossible to deliver all the details.

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Please, no sophistry. The Big Buddha is located in Kamakura, could not possibly in Florida. The Porcelain Tower is located in Nanjing, could not possibly in the Yukon. The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, could not possibly in the Pepper Coast. It goes without saying that making wonders appear in-game as buildable structures is a very intuitive mistake, without any culturally plausible explanation.

Some things are acceptable, while others are clearly unacceptable because they are more serious and obvious. Asian Wonders and Monk Heroes are the equivalent of letting the Lakota people mine gold, very intuitive, rough, and ridiculous designs. Since this is a game based on history and culture, it should be responsible for following the real history and culture to some extent.

There will definitely be better alternatives to keep these designs’ entertaining and at the same time reduce stereotypes without sticking to these mistakes. You can create some non-specific buildings to replace those specific wonders, such as Frontier Town instead of Summer Palace, Trade Workshop instead of Porcelain Tower, Tenshu instead of Shogunate, Forge instead of Golden Pavilion, Qila instead of Agra Fort, etc. For some abilities, it can even be directly granted to the civ or owned by the hero after adjustment, instead of using a building as a container. There is no reason why it should be a wonder, and it is even more reasonable to use a non-wonder.

I am of the opinion that they don’t need to be rebuildable, i’m not completely against it, but i do think is not necessary and i would prefer that they cannot be rebuildable, but toxic? Why toxic? I never saw them as toxic, how or in what way?

People dont like cease fire, mansabdars or daymios.

Literally I won a TREATY match 10min after battle begins cause ceasing fire (not in his base yet) LOL

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I like many of those ideas. It’s a better option to replace the Wonders to a more general big building that does the same, because it’s more respectful and have more sense. In some cases, it’s just a name change.


Thanks very much.
Since I have been unable to edit the article, I cannot attach hyperlinks to the material one by one.
You are welcome to google the terms you are interested in to learn more about their meanings.
Or reply directly to the thread and I will answer.

Hopefully one day, Asian civilizations will have a chance to be corrected.
If done well, I’m even willing to pay for it.

Wonders should not be rebuildable unless factories and forts can as well. (might make forts viable for TR, and the agra for india)

But basically they should not be at all.

But lets think about this… there is a lot of laming to try to snipe these key buildings which changes the meta so that instead of fighting people just try running tactics. If these buildings were rebuild able it would be too costly and risky to make runs on bases because there is no pay off to get that factory or dymo train time taken away… so then people would actually have to battle for the center and win with draining an opponent or capturing the base entirely. That is really the only good I could see coming out of it… to de-centivize boxes and factory raids. It would really change so much

I still think it would not be a good change.

Also inspiration. I’m not saying they are OP, just annoying to deal with. So sniping wonders is a legit strategy that shouldn’t be removed.

Also the aggra fort can be disturbing during the mid game with sepoy spam.

To me, Asian wonders should be able to be rebuilt for a cost of 4000 gold and food. I think the Asian civilizations wonder system could be revamped a bit if instead of having to build them with villagers, the town center gave us a cart. wonder building.

Inspiration just is 10-15s max im not sure for a 10% more, Its quite bad😒.

Nah, wonders are a must to take down as factories do to end a match. If they are rebuildable the game would be endless


For that reason I proposed that they be 4000 gold and food so that the game is not endless

Another option is that they can only rebuild a wonder in exchange for 4000 of each resource

4000 is ridicoulous for treaty, maybe exportation can solve it, that has more value

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Good idea, what would be the cost in your opinion?

its not the greatest thing for treaty, but in SUP I have used it in big army clashes to take almost zero losses and wiping whole armies (with about 7 mahouts to tank up front)

also never rely on score too much, if someone can get 2:1 kill ratios that is like doubling their score and halving yours, so dont under estimate indias strong units, cannons are a must have (especially in TR) and thus so are culvs

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nah, sanctarys shouldnt have vision of what is siegien them. Its too much vision for the enemy, its an spy, a food stealer, and a a villager
this is what i would propose for asian civs