Should bonus for elevation be implemented in the game?

Age 2 have bonus for units on higher ground, and it seems that Age 4 its going to rely on terrain as well. As I understand it, only 3 seems to not have implemented this. Should it be added to the game, or is it justified on 2 and 4 because of their medieval setting?


I actually post that sometime ago.

I think that there should be a high ground bonus. It should be implemented with the new DLC, after reviewing all the maps.

It would make the game more competitive in several ways, just like aoe 2, where holding the high ground is a major boost


Obi-wan agrees with this.


High ground works in aoe2 because the counter system there is not as hard and fleshed out.
This wouldn’t work just as well in aoe3 since units have totally different interaction. It would require a lot of changes.

They could give a 15% buff to buildings on high ground. But that should be it.

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As long as the game engine can handle it, I’m in favor of adding this feature. Balance however is going to be tricky…

I think it should be implemented, but only affect range and sightlines, since bullets don’t kill people harder just because they dropped a few meters. This would create a tactical advantage from holding certain map positions but doesn’t affect the damage. The person who occupies the high ground (the Obi-Wan) would be able to prepare earlier than the Anakin.


Maybe there would be an advantage on higher ground if one were using a bow, and he were attacking a group. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It will complicate the engagement and make the high-altitude cannons overly strong. I think it’s a feature I don’t need.

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I think i could get behind this approach, not giving bonus to attack in high places but allowing to better prepare and engage against enemy fire

How is this true when all the units have specific counters? True, some dont have specific multipliers, like in aoe3, but you Can overcome this by simply giving damage+multiplier and only then apply the elevation bonus

I like this. But what about Melee vs cav? Or cav vs everything?

I would guess from an implementation standpoint, it would be simplest to leave out damage affects. Adding in a system to run comparative elevations might get tricky, but it could affect the units melee attacking downhill with a buff (speed, attack, or defense) might add value to elevation.