Should Building (Palisade) Walling Be a Thing?

Based on the marketing media we’ve seen so far, it seems fairly obvious that given the fact that building boxes have a fairly large base, which is probably to make it difficult or downright impossible to use them as walls.

The stone walls also seem oversized compared to buildings, so I don’t think walls can be used in combination with buildings to wall up areas.

Here’s an alternative approach I thought of that might work well. I think that buildings should not be used as walls individually, but palisade walls should be able to connect to buildings. This would add another layer of opportunity costs about where buildings should be placed, especially in the early game. You’d have the option of either placing buildings for optimal bonuses, or near other buildings to wall off sections of your eco.

I haven’t really thought this entirely through, and how it might affect the balance. Maybe certain restrictions can be in place, such as palisades not connecting to landmarks, town centers, and keeps. However, I think this is a fairly reasonable compromise that doesn’t sacrifice realism, unlike previous AoE iterations, as I’m sure the idea of having wooden fences near buildings was not unheard of.



Interesting your idea, but it makes even more sense as it is now.

Historically a house was not used to stop an enemy attack, it’s funny that happens in AoE2. I believe that all this will be resolved with META and balance. I don’t know if it’s possible to do this this close to release, it’s a sudden change, do you agree?

For me with these new walls, everything will depend on how much it will cost me to build walls to defend myself from a Mongol attack, for example. Will it cost me more for my ECO than the horses he made? Or should I go to towers first that would cost me less?

It’s a matter of META and balance, the game is new and this is a new mechanic

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And I totally agree with you, I believe that when the game is released we won’t see box walls as perfect as those in the trailers and advertisements.

From trailers we’ve seen it seems buildings can be torched by most units and they will catch fire.
I would assume the same can’t be done to stone walls etc.
As for palisades it might depend on how strong they are at defending against attacks (such as HP).