Should CBA be as a separate game mode?

Castle Blood Automatic, typically abbreviated as CBA, is a popular fan-made scenario and game mode in Age of Empires II. It focuses on the military and the economy does not play any role during it.

The goal of any CBA is to destroy all enemy castles. Once the players lose their last castle, they lose instantly and all their units are automatically killed as the rest of the buildings are destroyed. Players cannot build additional castles.

In my opinion this scenario is one of the most popular and played, as it combines a fast style of play without having to focus on the economy. Just as battle royale has its own space as an official game mode, I would also like to see this one as it is totally different from the rest.

Should it be as a separate game mode?

  • YES
  • NO

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I think CBA would be extremely popular the only question is which one.


What is the benefit of having it as own game mode compared with the current state as scenario? I dont see any…

It would have a ladder most likely.

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Well I kinda love CBA, but well as @DjBillE already said: which version? I personally would love Requiem V6, but have seen lately more lobbies with Motz 6x and also a lot of strange and confusing King Te (choose one of the 100 different versions 11). From time to time you can still see the Euron salty one (not compatible with “new” civs), which really triggers me hard (worse balance imho, does not support all civs…).

But still CBA is too much civ dependeant… try to counter Teutons with any near compat civ, exactly: No chance to do so. It would have to be always 4v4, and everyone random civ, and with an equal playing field (like you would expect from ladder, matchmaking) everyone who played it sometimes can exactly predict who will win. I also hate playing with people doing wrong **** and claiming everyone else is noob, but well… ladder would be boring as well pretty soon I guess

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It could be ladder. Also having it in a ranked mode would increase the player base. It doesnt take long to que up most of the time in lobby so adding it to quick play or ranked would only make games faster.

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Meh, there isnt much reason to put this in ranked. The number of players isnt really higher then DM, which got removed from ranked, because of too few people are playing that game mode. So it is fine in the lobby.

Also: Which version must be put in ranked / quick play? There are different versions out there, so you have to pick one. What to do with the others?

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CBA King Te is just renamed RCB (Rambit Castle Blood).

I would probably just go with CBA Requiem V6. I do like King Te but it would need better translation. I always confused which way to seen my kings to get units.

I don’t think rank is required just a reason to bring it over.

Good question but which version of the map? I hate CBA hero. I prefer the regular CBA maps.

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imo they just need to make the lobby better. It’s slow and hard to find games you’re interested in, and sometimes bugged with dead games still findable. A revamp of the lobby would really help all these custom games to shine.

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I posted some suggestions to improve the lobby. You might wanna add your improvements as well.

Remove this shitfest of a battle royale mode and honor the king of CS called CBA.

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The most played CBA are:

CBA Requiem V6
CBA Hero v1 (need to correct some bugs)
CBA Motz x6

The CBA King TE is really Rambit Castle Blood…its a specific blood…I would not classify it as CBA

Personally, I would like it to be ranked


although i would like it to be more official there are quite some tweaks in different versions…

just like the above and beyond cheat code which in fact does work better then most mods doesnt work as the mods do… like trade cart not running at speed beyond light but just increase gold per trip…

so do we want it to be official or do we just want to keep tweaking what the community likes…

I personally think there should be a button for “community game modes”.
So if there is a popular mode like CBA with people inventing it, they can post there scenarios and maps to the devs which then include them in the community game mode, if engough players play that game mode in private lobbies. (Just to make sure it’s not a scam)

I won’t vote here because I think every dedicated community game mode has the same right to be easily accessable via matchmaking.

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I never liked CBA but some people really love it, so i think thats reason enough for it.