Should cost of faith and heresy be switched?

Faith costs 1k gold and 750 food while heresy costs 1k gold. Faith does increase conversion times but it’s not enough to justify over heresy. In most pro games I’ve watched, heresy is researched much more than faith because at least you won’t give your opponent another unit. Faith on the other hand does increase the conversion time by a couple seconds and decreases the chance of converting but you are still vulnerable to give your unit to the enemy especially with 12 range monks. Losing a SO is bad but having it be converted and then instantly losing 3 more is worse. This is the reason why I think heresy is prioritized higher than faith and the costs should be switched.

Heresy and Faith are probably one of the most unbalanced techs in the game and they must be one of the least researched techs ever. Heresy is 1k gold in castle where that amount of res is injustifiable in any scenario except if your opponent goes for at least 10 monks which happens almost never.
And faith is absolute useless since is almost as expensive as the Paladin tech, and more than the onager tech, and no one ever goes for mass monks in imperial.
More than swapping the cost, it would be nice if the techs prices are at least halved. Also faith should be moved to the castle age where monks shine, unlike imperial where is complete useless.

I would reduce faith price but not as much as half.

It those techs became too cheap then monks would be useless because everyone would research those techs.

Agree with faith in castle. Actually, i would put heresy in imperial in exchange.

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