Should deep sea fish replenish after a while?

We have seen it in AoE 4, but should should deep sea fish replenish after a while in AoE 2 as well?

  • Yes
  • No

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This speaks for itself:

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I think probably not… it would make water far too important.

This sort of thing can happen in Diplomacy scenarios. But other than that. No, it should not.

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Why restrict resource regeneration to fish? Berries could grow back, boars could breed, trees could regrow and geological activity could expose new gold veins. All of that makes sense, and resource generation is therefore a suitable mechanic to opt for in the design of RTS games. However, I think it does not have a place in AoE2. Even when restricting resource regeneration to deep sea fish, it would upset the balance way too much. As it is, fish is one of the best food sources in the game because of the speed at which it is gathered and if it were to regenerate as well, it would be an endless fast source at that. Fishing traps would be rendered obsolete, relevant civilization bonuses would have to be re-tuned, and the entire meta is likely to be upset by giving food-reliant civilization a major boost. While a cool idea, regenerating deep sea fish causes more of a problem than it solves.


How about we make it a toggleable option for single-player skirmishes and lobbies?


Though I voted “No” as it would break the balance of the game, that would make a great alternative game mode.

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It depends on how it’s done, maybe they slowly generates back over the course of 15 minutes after running out

Have all fishing spots regenerate at the rate, at all times, at the same rate of 2 fully upgraded fishing ships for deep sea fish and the rate of 1 villager on shore fish - this helps prevent over fishing on close fish - if the fishing spot dies it does not replenish

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