Should Dutch East India Company be an age 1 card?

The card should be something to faciliate bank booming but due it being an age 2 card its not something that helps get more banks out.

We can discuss balance in terms of the numebers (the HP can be removed as an age 1 card) but somehting to facilitate bank boom could be interesting



I actually like this idea. It saves 105 resources per bank (half food, half wood), and might be fun as a second card.

But people using this card should not complain about losing ELO and feeling that Dutch are too weak after using this card.

The card may be nice against booming decks/civs (japan/ports) and maybe in 10 or 20 minutes treaty, but beside that doesnt feel strong even as an age 1 card. In most cases I would rather wait for age 2 and send 700w for 2 banks, or one bank + other buildings (barracks, houses, TP,…). After all, 700w is still better after making 7 banks in resources saved due to wood being more precious than food. And against a Dutch investing in banks, we can kill his army and his settlers first.

I am thinking more of it allowing some kind of 12/10 TP start where you send this as the second card and then spam 700 -600 wood crates in age 2.

Assuming 4-5 banks that means you save about 200-250 wood meaning that with the two crates shipment and the 400 wood age up alone you can build all the banks + barrack/stable or 2 houses.

It effectively allows you to replace the 1 bank wagon card (potentially in a TP situation). But yeah agree its probably a midling build