Should each civ have a second unique unit?

  • Yes
  • no
  • no, but some should have a second one

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I think giving the civs 2nd unique unit is a good thing especially to show the differents between cultures and civs in the game. For example we have now some civs don’t even have their main units which make them unique, and the biggest examples are Indians & Saracens. Indians from the old history have their unique elephants in war and ironically they don’t have their elephants in the game; Saracens were very very very famous for their Arabian horse which was the best horse in the world and ironically the devs give them instead a camel throw swords and didn’t give them anything special for their horses. If the devs didn’t give Indians battle elephants and didn’t give Saracens something for their horses i think it will be good to give them a UUs instead.


I would love more UU like a spanish tercio pikemen, a portuguese arcabussier, a french gendarme (imperial paladin), a teuton zweihander, etc,etc

The problem (for me) is that new units is a lot of work and devs would want compensation ($$).I don’t mind paying for new civs, but I don’t like incomplete civs like in total war.

One thing is to say I don’t want to buy a new civ but i can play just fine with the others 35, and another thing is to say you can play with the old civs, but if you want to fully use them you have to pay


Adding regional UUs like Eagle Warriors, Elephants, Steppe Lancers, etc. to some civ groups would be a good idea.
For example, Europeans can get a Lancer-like cavalry like Coustiliers, with lower charge damage, etc.

Only thing I would like to see a generic mercenary unit which only cost gold which would be situational.

Hashashin unit for Saracens! Used to issue high hit attack kills with a recharge requirement. Can also cross walls.


I don’t see them adding so many units. It would probably also mean quite some rebalance. New civs are easier to make.


Only very few civs need a secondary Unique Unit, and I honestly would prefer if they ever add more secondary UUs, that they be Water UUs, which is the place that needs UUs the most.

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Afaik when African kingdom was released you could use the rebalanced water triangle even if you only had the Forgotten.

To come back onto topic, I don’t think this is a good idea at all. People are already ready to snob the UU if they think a generic counterpart is better and vice versa.

Every civ having a second UU or giving a regional unit to every civ group would just be a nightmare balance.

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Well, thats their job and they are getting pay for it, if you don’t want to add new content because of balance we should have stayed in the original civs of age of kings…

I’m not saying they should add a 2nd UU, i just don’t think balance is a excuse, they have added many UU, many civ bonuses and the game is fairly balanced except for a few things

AoK balance was so bad it required new content 11
But more seriously just look at what kind of UU they have to come up with for new civs. Making UUs for the new civs they will probs add will be hard enough already.

It would be cool but will certainly never happen. Would require a load of work to make the units and make the art and then balancing would just add more headaches for many patches to come.


You are the one saying adding content would be a balance nightmare… over the years, with many new civs you could say that it is worthy the extra work.

I’m not too dramatic about the new UU, sicilian serjeant is totally fine imo, is a expensive and tanky infantry, something i appreciate a lot (also the CA buff) as i think the game is too much focused in xbow and knights.

Costellier in the other hand, is op, but they can easily fix them. just a charge bonus reduction and lower recharge time and they would stop being a one shooting animal

I mostly said that the quantity of units that would be necessary to fulfill what the OP wants would be a nightmare. Not that adding more content “normally” won’t be super hard either, but they will have to do it anyway since they will probs add new civs.

When I said “look at what kind of UU they added” I didn’t mean only their strenght. Like sure, serjeants aren’t OP oustside of first crusade, but just think about the concept. It is a feudal age UU Isn’t that just crazy? Coustilliers meanwhile are a concept that ES probs scrapped before completing the AoK alpha. Still pretty funky, and balancing the unit might run in the problem that they are the UU of the civ that has cavalier in castle age and the easiest to get paladins. So in both castle and imperial age there will be competition between the UU and the normal unit.

They could add share some unique units, for example Slingers shouldn’t be only Inca thing.

Overall I find it hard to see what kind of units they should add. Like guess you could add some kind of expensive slower medium cavalry in feudal age to some civilizations. And some quite slow antiarrow infantry with bonuses against buildings that can be trained Castle age onwards with big shields, maybe instead of petards from castles, they would have low attack and completely lose against melee units (but be able to tank a bit). And maybe some 2-3 range melee siege with high pierce armor similar to Fire ships, so you don’t have to exactly be melee to destroy buildings and you can hit some buildings over walls.

Oh yeah maybe adding some squishy melee units with Circular AoE attacks would be cool, with like Glaives or something. So enemy needs to micro to focus them down. They could have a limit of 2 trained at a time.

Maybe some crippling archers that slow enemy units down a little bit upon hitting them so your camels can catch up to enemy cavalry.

But Id rather have new civs with these kind of units.

wasn’t hashashin a better fit for persians instead?

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Savaran heavy cavalry for the Persians instead of Paladin. A unit with charge attack.

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Lol coustilliers for Persian

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I new UU for every civ would be too much…perhaps a new unique regiona unit for each region could work (something like the steppe lancer, but actually useful…)

I would like to see more Feudal age UUs to add some more spice to the age. Give more civs the option to duke it out instead of going Castle > knights/xbows

That being said, not every civ needs 2 different UUs. Even quasi-UUs like the Flemish militia give some fresh air to the game… it’s less 1 dimensional.

Even giving regular units different abilities would be cool, without complicating it too much.