Should Elephant archers get anti-pikeman bonus damage like cav archers?

Heavy cav archers get +4 bonus attack and regular cav archers get +2 against pikeman according to current patch without parathian tactics, Elephant archer is a unit replacement for cav archers doesnt get the bonus damage although they receive a massive bonus dame of +60 from halberdier. Giving anti pikeman bonus to elephant archers would greatly improve dravidian elephant archers who dont have parathian tactics.


Yes they definitely should. +3 attack bonus vs spearman for both standard & elite.

Kinda relevant - Ratha (ranged) should also get +2 attack bonus vs spearman.


Remember that this damage bonus would be affected by gurjara civ bonus (+30% in castle age), just in case

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tbf they can (and probably should) just change the civ bonus to “stable units do” instead of mounted.

it nerfs their AE (oh no! like the civ cant handle a nerf) but also means you dont have to worry about EA buffs, and also removes the irrationally weirdly strong potential of gurj genitours


Gurjaras dont get parathian tactics, so if Elephant archers get +2 bonus damage it will be equal to +3 bonus( if rounded off) damage in castle age. If elite elephant archers get +4 attack it will be equal to +6 bonus damage which will be equal to parathian tactics.

Heavy cavalry archer with parathian tactics get +6 bonus attack. So its okay to give them. Atleast it will boost elephant archer usage.