Should Germany be called Prussia?

Germany is a Civ in the game but Germany only formed in 1871. How about renaming Germany Prussia ?

Prussia was a dutchy from 1525 and became a kingdom in 1701. Germany also unified under the Prussian leadership in 1871 which created the German Empire.


I’m not sure AoE3’s civ are necessarily meant to represent countries. Germans can be used for any German state or colony prior to their unification or the HRE itself, the same way as Indians can be used indistinctly for Marathas, Mughals, Mysore or Sikhs among others. And I’d rather like to see the Indians split before the Germans.


I would call them Prussians or German Confederation and make Imperial Germany a faction to them revolutionize, but Essemble walked on the more accessible stuff (can’t really blame them), so here are the Germans with a prussian yellow flag.


The Germans were not a unified nation, but just as the Italians saw themselves as Italians, the Germans saw themselves in relation to other Germans as a common people, although each paid more homage to their state and their prince than a pan Germanic notion. I myself read a 16th century Portuguese tale in which a group of Germans were involved. The Germans were not mentioned as Hessians, or Rhinelanders, or Prussians, but I mentioned them as Germans. In the same way, it was common for texts to separate the Hessians and Rhinelanders from the Bavarians, for example, and to mention them as belonging to that state. Imagine the Greeks, you see them as Greeks, they saw themselves as Greeks, each one was patriotic in relation to his state city, but they were aware of belonging to the Greek people … So much so that they united to compete in the Olympics, for For example, they knew they had a common substrate. The same for the Germans. The game does not mention the country Germany, but you choose to play with the Germans. I understand that this is a common discussion in all communities of fans of the game in several languages, but it is a discussion created only by poor text interpretation. You don’t play with the country “Germany”, but with “Germans” … So much so that Uhlans and are typically Prussian units, while war carts and doppelsöldners are units used by the smaller German states, mainly in the Renaissance and the 30-year war , the former also being used widely by the Hussite rebels who were not normally of German origin. It is a civilization that is somewhat poorly made, as are the Turks and the Dutch, with somewhat mixed units and the Uhlans with a 19th century look, from the beginning, with the basic peasants, apart from the wagoner, with Slavic looks and with the late maintenance of doppelsöldners and war wagons, instead of Reiters, with very late firearms, which is very far from the truth, and with ordinary skirminsher instead of a Schutz, but the most correct would be to define them like Germans, or fix anything that wasn’t Prussian in them.


Well said, FelipeKahl. Some times we forget that this is a game that tries to streamline things in benefit of gameplay, so it is very commom that we enconter arcade-y representations.

If we look closely, every nation need a revamp if the DE would be aiming for a little bit of historical authenticity, I mean british longbows and rodeleros in the field of battle mid XVIII century? I wouldn’t mind a complete overhaul, but I doubt they want to shake the dust on the old mechanics and alienate veterans who would be very hostile to the idea of relearning the ropes of the game and/or the resulting game be something different of what they used to be nostalgic about.

It’s coming next month, for truck’s sake… so unlucky me. I can always dream with good mod support.


And China split aswell…

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For AoE3? I think you could keep the name “Chinese” for Han chinese and the Ming dinasty, but it would be nice if they added Manchu (both for the Manchu tribe pre-chinese invasion and for Qing dinasty) and maybe Tibetans? I’m not sure any other ethnicity had enough autonomy in this time period to be its own faction. I don’t count Mongols since they have a modern-day independant country.
To me “Indians” is a different case because there isn’t really a hegemonic ethnicity in the area in this time period which everybody would associate the term “Indian” to. Mughal or Maratha for instance are both their very own thing (and one of them don’t even originate from India), but “Chinese” and “Han chinese” are often used as indistinguishable entities.

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Not only should Germany be renamed as Prussia but the civ itself should also be remodeled into Prussia!

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And how would that look like ?

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You can check three ethnic nationalism hisotries based on language: -

The Emergence of Nation States.

  1. French Revolution (May 5, 1789 – Nov 9, 1799): - King of France to King of French.

  2. Unification of Germany (1800 - 1871): - King of Prussia to King of Germans.

  3. Unification of Italy (1800 - 1870): - King of Piedmont to King of Italians.

  4. At early stages of French Revolution before the execution of King Louis XVI the revolutionaries had successfully stepped down his crown from King of France to King of French those were not French were declared intruders in France i.e. emirges.

  5. Unification of Germany occured when Otto von Bismarck through his State Man skills unified german princely states under the Kingdom of Prussia which was the largest german princely state. So the King of Prussia had succeded to be King of Germans.

  6. Unification of Italy was similiar to the German unification, there the different Italian princely states with the exception of papal states were got uniified under Kingdom of Piedmont by repulsing Austrian and French occupations in Italian peninusula there the dominant Italian princely State was Peidmont. The King of Piedmont was succeded as King of Italians.

Not all crowns were nationalized e.g. the British Crown still not nationalized, where southern Ireland had regained independence from the British Crown as Republic of Ireland in 1919.

You have Indians which are not even a nation state, not one ethnic groups, not one language, not one religion, not one culture.

Though they still fit AoE3 colonial time period as one civilization in my opinion.

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Germany unified in 1871:
Indian unified in ???:

i don’t see any point in renaming Germans to Prussians in aoe3. There is no point of it. The civilizations are not named according to kingdoms.


Maybye It was the Prussian State before its merger into Greater Germany in 1871 which maybe largely colonially dominant, that’s why AoE III franchise had included the Prussian name.

Then coloninal era was largely comprised of the crowns in the european theatre not the Indian corwn. Because the Indian subcontinent region was already a colony during the entire colonial era and its still under the British Crown the latest King George VI commonwealth. Anyway even before the Colonial era India was not a Colonizing Crown India was warring princely states and Indian region was constant under invasions since the ancient or from medievial times from the nomadic tribes and dynasties of central asia starting from the ayans.

This is not true, as this was an identity found more in opposition to the persians that to a country or a people.

Also not true. They were polish light cav. and were implemented as lancers during the napoleonic era.

I agree. That’s why the banner is of the Holy Roman Empire and not from prussia. I guess this is a flaw from the devs who didnt want to make an Austrian Civ and a Prussian Civ so they mixed it up as “Germany”. A mistake in my opinion. But a mistake that is no longer possible to correct, since the opportunity was before the DE launch.