Should Hussar name be changed to something like "Medium Cavalry" or "Elite Light Cavalry" with new sprite?

Hussar as a regional upgrade unit for all civs is the ridiculousness of it. It’s in AOE3 timeframe and not even for all civs. Literally a UU made for all civs. If I can’t explain that to you then I don’t know what to say.

Almost as similar as saying Saracens is ok instead of renaming it to Arabians

why? despite your earlier claim, Hussars were used BEFORE the polish used them, and most areas used them as light cavalry, so it’s not ridiculous. if anything is ridiculous, it’s your perpetually spreading this misinformation despite being corrected about it MULTIPLE TIMES.

because your answer is false.

" A hussar (/həˈzɑːr/ hə-ZAR,[2] /hʊˈzɑːr/ huuz-AR; Hungarian: huszár , Polish: husarz , Serbo-Croatian: husar / хусар) was a member of a class of light cavalry, originating in Central Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries."

Literally facts deny your claim. First used as Light cavalry. fact. used in the 15th and 16th century (1400s to 1500s). definitely not out of time. did most civs not adopt them until after? sure. but gameplay and balance have always taken a front seat to historical accuracy.

because the game has literally never put historical accuracy over gameplay and balance. and because they cover more then just the arabians.
but hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your argument.


I for once didn’t deny them hey stop using them as Light Cavalry and use them to replace them as Knight upgrade instead. Serbs as we know is not added to the game yet. Neither did in past. Currently we got separate Winged Hussar UU for Poland/Magyar/Lithuania. Currently as a regional UU its fine.Hell, even if it was decided to make current Hussar skin to these civs then it still be alright and this unit getting renamed to something like “Medium Cavalry” with new sprite. Every single person I know, always surprised to see primarily a Polish UU for everyone’s use. Also I am not even half wrong, it got its widespread use only in later centuries which AOE3 covers. For AOE2’s timeframe it should be a regional unit.

Yeah thats why no rename allowed but somehow Hindustani can get away with it. Despite its clear and day its a wrong naming. Literally a slang word by neighboring empires as a civ. It is a critical accuracy issue. Not just you can throw it under the bus. I just don’t get this devil’s advocate tendency.

okay. so why aren’t you complaining about frankish paladins? by your logic you should be crying about that as well, but not a peep.

you are wrong - the game has always put readability over accuracy.
what better way to show the ultimate light cavalry then use the unit that was the ultimate light cavalry?

do you complain that the ultimate heavy cavalry is covered by the Paladin even though that, by your logic should be a French and Burgundians only upgrade?

Indians were renamed because they added other Civs. it made sense to rename them when they aren’t the only Indian civ. much like Slavs should be renamed since they aren’t the only slavic civ.

I’m not a devils advocate. I hate change for the sake of change because you don’t like something.

there is zero reason to change the name hussar, as historically hussar were light cavalry, that saw use first in the 1400 to 1500 hundreds in central europe and were adopted elsewhere starting in the 1600s, which is very much in aoe2 time frame.

Maybe Hussar upgrade should be removed and Light Cav gain 70 hp instead. In this way, Light Cav could be chosen more often because even Hussar civs (Magyars and Mongols) goes Knight in Castle Age more than Light Cav now.

First of all magyars are a cav civ, not a hussar civ.
Second of all mongols are a cav archer civ not a hussar civ.

Lastly, light cav arent designed to be the core of an army. They are a supplemental unit to your play.

Not even on arena are they used that way.

They are great anti monk, great at raiding, and a solid meat shield for cav archer play

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Magyars and Mongols has bonuses for Light Cav (15% cheaper and 30% hp) and no bonus for Knight-line (Magyars has free attack upgrades but this bonus effect Light Cav and it effect Light Cav more than Knight-line because Light Cav has less attack). This means that Light Cav is worse than Knight-line even with these 2 strong bonuses. I think also Steppe Lancer need 70 hp in Castle Age.

Now, function of Light Cav is countering Monk and using when gold run out in late game which is very limited and odd. Light Cav need more uses just like Steppe Lancer.

Does not make them light cav civs.
Magyars literally have fully upgraced paladin for the love of god.

Lets ignore that light cav doesnt cosr nearly as mych as Knights, nor does it share the same role.

Why? It clearly isnt supposed to be used like a knight. The fact that it doesnt cost gold should be a dead giveaway.

Youre also wrong about light cav not seeing castle age play. Go watch arena

Magyars is best Light Cav civ with 15% discount + free attack upgrades + Magyar Huszars. On the other hand, Magyars Paladin is just generic. Cavalry civ term cover Light Cavalry as well. Magyars is defined as Cavalry civ in order to point Knight-line option as well. However, main power of Magyars is absolutely Light Cavalry.

Mongols Hussar falls off in late game due to lacking last armor, however, Mongols is also one of the best Light Cavalry civ in the game.

Light Cav is cheaper, however, Knight’s power compensate more than enough. Light Cav shares same role as Knight-line, only difference is Monk countering ability + no gold cost. That’s why players only use Light Cav when enemy has Monks or gold being drained. Monk is already unit which is only used in Castle Age in small numbers. Knight simply shadows Light Cavalry in Castle Age and this needs to change.

Does not mean they are intended to fill the same role as the knight.

Its almost like they have different jobs.

Really? Lets see what the tech tree says

Create Light Cavalry (80)

Fast cavalry for scouting and raiding.

Create Knight (6075)

Powerful all-purpose cavalry. Strong vs. infantry and archers

Clearly not the same role at all. So maybd you should check your facts

Or maybe you dont know what you’re talking about.

By your logic hand cannons and arbs share the same role.

Militia and spear man as well.

Scout make scouting in early game and it lost importance of scouting in Castle Age.
Knight is good at raiding as much as Light Cavalry. Yes, Knight-line and Light Cavalry fulfill same role, both unit has same Pierce Armor, Knight-line has 2 melee armor which make better against low attack units, Light Cav +11% speed make little better in raiding. However, all of these doesn’t make huge difference. Light Cav and Knight-line is same type of unit, Knight-line is better version of Light Cav.

Why cost difference make different unit. In that case, we should consider Polish Knight is different than generic Knight because its cost is cheaper or we should consider Obuch make different job than Longsword-line. In reality, Obuch is same type of unit as Longsword-line but it is better than every aspect.

Just because thry have the same pa doex not mean rhey fill the same role. But there is no sense arguing with someone who denies readily available facts. Welcome back to my ignore list.

Other statistics of Light Cav is also similar to Knight-line, differences are gold cost (it moves in late game) and Monk countering as I mentioned before. If you want to find different type of units, look at Cataphract vs Knight-line, Huskarl vs Champion, Gbeto vs Champskarl, Ghulam vs Champion etc…

Light cav also sees play on open maps when a player goes heavy on the scout rush and goes up to castle age with 6 or more scouts alive

They literally only share two stats: creation time and pierce armour. Everything else is very different.


Can you tell me what is different between Light Cav and Knight? Knight has better stats than Light Cavalry simply. Do you think also Cav Archer is different than Mangudai and Camel Archer. In reality, Camel Archer and Mangudai is better version of Cav Archer, that’s why no one goes Cav Archer when they have castle to create Mangudai and Camel Archer. For same reason, no one goes Light Cav when they have Knight option.

Because the stat difference is absolutely enormous. You can’t just look at a +40HP, +2 melee armour, +3 attack and better attack speed and tell yourself “Yup, almost the same thing”. There is also the fact that kts are most of the time available before light cav due to no upgrade requirement. Making normal CA while waiting for mangudai often makes sense, it never makes sense to build light cav while waiting to be able to build kts.


It’s almost like knights and light cav don’t fill the same role. one is primarily a scouting a raiding unit, and one is an all purpose unit.

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You are not saying different things than me. Knight-line is better than Light Cav 100% when you have enough gold.

Balancewise, units that need upgrades or castle has better stats than units don’t need. However, Light Cav isn’t better abilities than Knight-line which is bad design. Light Cav doesn’t have to have better attack and speed than Knight-line in order to be useful. For instance, if Lght Cav has better speed or bonus attack against villagers, Light Cav can be used in the game.

Unfortunately, All purpose of Mongols Cav Archer is gaining time while collecting stone for Castle which is another bad design of the game. I would separate their usage so that both Cav Archer and Mangudai become usable at the same time.
People make Light Cavalry upgrade in order to upgrade 5+ scouts remaining from Feudal Age. However, they don’t continue to create Light Cavalry because Light Cavalry which need upgrade is worse than Knight doesn’t need upgrade.

Light Cav is also all purpose unit. 2 PA make them tanky against archer, mobility make them good against Siege unit just like Knights. Light Cav is worse in melee fight due to 0 melee armor which is one distinction between Light Cav and Knight-line. Unfortunately, Light Cavalry isn’t by far better in raiding than Knight-line. For this reason, no one goes Light Cav over Knight-line because Light Cav doesn’t do anything which Knight-line can’t do except killing Monks.