Should i change the homecity hud button on my UI mod to legacy style?

I wanna hear some thoughts from anyone that has downloaded Aoe2 DE UI mod, would you prefer the way the button is at the moment or should it be changed to legacy flag. I have a private branch with this feature working as intended but i wanna be certain its something people would like to see, instead of being an unwanted change

here’s the screenshot of what it looks like ingame

PS: I made the number for shipments 35 pixels instead of 30 since and moved flag slightly up to prevent objectives text getting covered slightly by it

  • Legacy flag (screenshot above)
  • Round flag (what it currently is)

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Just for Accessibility Testing Purpose

Vote is over, legacy flag will be implemented, but i’m waiting for march update to avoid needing additional compatability update, i want anyone that downloaded the mod to be able to play it as soon as possible after the update

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