Should I expect to pay for DLC civs?

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Noticing compared to other AOE games that have come in the past, not having many civs at launch really makes me wonder if a dlc model is what the dev team is aiming for.

Has that been mentioned anywhere on the web as their intention?

If they do introduce more civs, who should be the first ones out of the gates?


Considering AOE3 also only had 8 starting civs, I’d expect paying for DLC.

There’s definitely a number of possible DLC civs, the most likely first probably being Byzantine/Ottomans or Someone from Iberia/Italy imo.

I certainly hope that they don’t. They should add them via updates for civs that should have been in the base game like Poland, Lithuanian, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Byzantium, Hungary, etc. Although they will probably make them DLCs for like 20 bucks a pop for 2 cigs and maybe some skins and new features. This seems to be the new model of marketing for companies.

Based on the other age games, they are going for around $10 for 2 civs and a campaign. Mexico was 1 civ for 6 USD.

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So if SC2 would come with new civs then you would also expect them to be completely free? Because three different factions is clearly super lackluster.

Sure, the amount of civs is a lot lower than AoE2 (which launched with 13 civs by the way), but they’re also much more diverse. I would say that AoE4 at launch is much more diverse than AoK was, and without trying to be disrespectful I have a very hard time taking the people seriously who seem to think the opposite.


its people looking at the past with rose tinted glasses, the usual case of everything now is worse than before, even if that game has had 20 years of tweaking…

i think there have been vague mentions of something along the line of another indian civ (surprisingly) to compensate for the muslim delhi civ

otherwise from most polls ive seen its something along the lines of japanese, turks(ottomans) and byzantines are the most favoured.

and im guessing it will be closer to $20 for 2 civs, or possibly more.

while that does make sense, both games are remakes of ancient games, the DLCs should be cheaper (same as the base price) thus DLCs for AOE4 will be higher

They might be more expensive and/or more extensive, can’t really tell. All we have is based on aoe2 and 3 which are going at similar price points to eachother right now.

Why are these necesarily civs that should have been in the base game? Are there rules for that?

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There is nothing I can fear more from a game that I like than the fact that it becomes a Pay to Win.

Yes. When you pay 60 bucks for a game you have expectations that when you do a medieval game that you have done in the past maybe include those same ones in the new one without charging for it since this game isn’t worth 60 maybe 40.

Paradox does it for europa all the time. Adding civs that were in your previous game and then charging a premium is underhanded, and money grubbing.

They can’t develop new civs from nothing, so why does anyone except it for free ? This is madness :smiley:


theres always some group of people whining, while a big portion will pay for the DLCs… and the devs know it, so these complaints are meaningless…

whats laughable is it always happens… they always complain and want things for free, and then others pay for the DLCs… like clockwork, year after year

Expecting new civs for free is so weird.

I don’t think AOE as a franchise has ever released new civs for free; they’ve always been a relatively inexpensive expansion or DLC and, afaik, always come with new campaign missions as well.

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It’s weird for that expectation, sometimes games will give away an early free DLC. But considering AOE4 will probably have a full DLC with new campaign(s) - which are very indepth and cost a good amount of money to produce - I’m sure they will charge.