Should monks be considered military units?

Should monks be considered military units?
Should scouts? Delhi fishing boats? Ships?

I would really like a menu option to toggle whether these units are selected when I use the ‘select all military’ hotkey. A separate ‘select all navy’ would also be useful.

I never want my ships, monks, scouts to go to the same location, but I’ve often sent them to their doom because of their inclusion in the select all military hotkey.


Yeah agreed. Monks, scouts, ships, and mongol buildings that are packed up shouldn’t be selected with the select all military and select idle military buttons.

iirc those none of those units are considered military units in the previous games in the franchise.

I forgot about the Mongol packed buildings, but those have other issues such as being counted against your pop limit (unless that was part of the design for Mongols to be mobile initially, but limited in later ages).

@AndyPXIII AoE2 at least did not include fishing ships in select all idle military option. I think monks and scouts were included.

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