Should some civs have higher pop cap than others?

Should some civs have higher pop cap than other?
For example Mongols in late games does not have the strongest units so should they get extra pop cap (in age 4) to allow for this?

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Dev design Mongol to use improved technologies to make units more effective like:

  1. Villager gather faster than other, result in less villagers need
  2. Some units is stronger compared to their counterpart (Cavalry from improved biology or siege from improved upgrade).
  3. Raid bounty and piracy which could be improved, result in less villager (extra resource in other ways)
  4. Trader silk road generate more resources

Just that player tend to rely only on 1 or 2 of them, mainly 2 & 4 (1 need stone which is slow to generate and likely go to offensive upgrade, while 3 is not reliable).

Mongols might need more consistant way for pop efficency.

As for other civ, they have some mechanic involve with efficiency like:

  • Rus gold generate from animal &hunting cabin result in less villagers, More on offensive unit
  • Malians have lots of pop free resource generate to have more pop on fighting unit
  • HRE have prelate and buff villager to have more military
  • Frence have stronger unit but not much eco, so they need more villagers to sustain eco

I’d like this be a perk to a new civ. Giving them 20 extra pop space tied to a landmark. Either a castle or imp landmark. A feudal landmark is too soon such a decision. And make the landmark support 20 pop and give 20 pop extra if you’re capped at 200.

Personally, I hope they save the extra pop for American civs as a balance thing since they are so far behind in tech and have no horses. I really think it’s the only way to include them without breaking history or balance. It is a mechanic we have seen before. In AOE 2 the Goths can get up to 210 pop and the Malay Karambit Warrior only takes half a pop space.

should? no
could - yes.

in 99% of games people do not hit their max limit. cause they 1)forgot, 2) have 20 idle vils 3) game just ends earlier.

I mean you traget the only specific situation in the game, than everyone is maxed out.
Do not get me wrong - it’s an huge advantage, but then exactly it’s kick in. Same as showed before, it can be easily adjusted with eco bonus. +5 % for food and you suddenly need less shepherds.

Goths && Malay Karambits - have similarity - it can produce cheap units much faster. I do not know is it intentional or not, but it helpful, it hedges the time from barracks to fight.
For regular civ: one unit running from racks, for goths - 10 already died and running.

Sure it’s advantage, but arguably the needed advantage .

I am interested in more population but it is not worth it if with the current Meta they are going to be occupied by more villagers

Mali, with passive food income, requires fewer villagers, which translates into more population for the army, that is vital in Mali since it only wins with equal resources

It would be a nice unique thing for a new civ. Maybe by default or maybe tied to a landmark where the other landmark choice is a decent economic one or one that makes their troops stronger somehow. So they can pick between extra pop, or more efficient pop.

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Have you watch any out back octagon? More pop is extremely versatile for either more vil or army or a bit more of both!!!.

I picked 20pop bc 50 is too muchhh. But 220 pop is quite functional in 1v1 and teams.