Should TC range be changed now that it can re-focus fire?


Second: now that the TC is an overpowered killing machine that’s not 500% in love and only attracted by the closest RAM. Should the TC range change? Now people that fast castle or boom 2 TCs are even less penalized and Age II aggression is joke.

I think the TC should start with less range and get more range while you advance in ages so it doesn’t kill early aggression completely.

As of it right now, you cannot come any closer than a screen from the TC or your units are in for a treat.


I like this and I hope it’s there to stay, as it provides some help against early rush games and now it means, we have to find new ways to rush instead making it more interesting.

Edit: If more testing is done and turns out that it needs adjustment then I can be OK to lower the range and/or the damage or a cool down on how often you can switch to a new target.


Are we as the final customers now the beta testers? This should had been your job as a Age Insider/Betatester or I want to be rewarded with something too. Because we are all giving feedback now to fix the job that allready should be done …

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That’s the thing I don’t think that they have released an unfinished game and it’s actually pretty solid and a good ground to continue to build upon when you compare to other releases these days AoEIV is solid at release. Now that being said I know that there are things, in need of getting addressed and I’m optimistic that they will in the near future so I’m not worried.

Also, I don’t expect the game to be fully tested, balanced and bug free before the release as that’s simply unrealistic and most likely not possible. The amount of data they get from thousands and thousands of players playing for hours each day is night and day compared to their small internal test group.

Again I’m not denying that there aren’t any issues, I just feel different about the current product and am pretty optimistic that they will get the remaining issues fixed. We all want a perfect game at launch, but I’m logical and know that such thing is probably never going to happen for any game.

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Maybe im out of a diffrent generation. Were the games were shipped boxed and they cant ship a unfinished game and fix it afterwards.
I´m not ignorant to the problems with the amount of data BUT there a so obvius mistakes in balance like the map resource spawnings or even ur starting position that is clearly not in a shipping state. Some games are lost by even spawning on the map.
When u want to make a RTS u should always look on it with a competetiv mindset. RTS´s and tactical shooter are the deffinition of competivness and the basics arnt right.
U could simply load 10x in the same map and u would saw this.
Atm this is positiv said a “casual” RTS and microsoft said that they have competetiv abmitions… so …

Communication is key there ! and they failed totaly in my opinion even the TC focus change wasn listed what makes the T2 aggression play soo much harder. Again lack of information and ur lost ur game by start…

To charge fullrpice for that state is embaressing…

I’m 31 years old myself and I’ve experienced the old times when video games as they were then and I miss the time when we received a more complete game (most of the time) and the only thing that you had to purchase afterwards is either the next expansion or the sequel to the first game.

But we are for many reasons not there anymore, and video games has become far more complicated, bigger and people simply expect MUCH more now, sometimes even the impossible because we have gotten used to everything has to be PERFECT or else it’s the worst game ever made in history. I just simply don’t view it like that, it’s not fair to the game itself and more importantly not fair to the developers as well.

As much as I love the old good days of video games, I also understand that for better or worse things must change, and when it comes to today’s video games sadly most of the time you are right they are rushed and unfinished at release. I don’t share or agree that AoEIV is one of those type of games as compared to many other video games out there, such as Warcraft III Reforged, Cyberpunk, BF2042 etc. it’s miles ahead of how smooth the release was, no crashes, no error messages, no extreme lag and the game has quite a bit of content at release. 4k awesome documentary for all of the 4 different campaigns, single player, skirmishes, unranked and custom lobbies. (Soon Ranked and mod support will come as well.)

What according to you isn’t worth the full price at release? There’s always going to be things we want to see in a game, we always want new content, new changes, patches and updates etc. but we have to be patient and understand that all of those things won’t come in a day or two but months and months ahead in a live service module. Considering that the game has been out for about a month give or take, they already provided us with 2 patches and I believe a third one is coming before this year is over next week.

Us the community can only but keep providing the developers with constructive feedback, in a civil manner and keep letting them know about big issues or bugs that creates unfair advantages such as exploits etc. and hope that they address those issues as soon as possible. The developers need time to get the data from us, find a solution and then implement it in a patch that won’t break the game even further and this requires time.

What to prioritize it’s up for them to decide, considering I’ve no experience in how game development works and more importantly no idea how Relic/Worlds Edge decides to do their work I can’t comment on that, only give my concerns and thoughts in hope that they will hear me and react on it.

I’m with you I want this game to be the best RTS game ever made, and I have many reasons to believe that it can become an amazing game in the future, but we have to understand it won’t happen over the night and it will take time.

Now if you are unhappy with this game, by all means I respect your opinion and you should really follow your heart. I hope that they will soon address those issues you consider game breaking so that you can start enjoy the game the same as me. Take care!

Edit: I agree with you that the communication from the developers can be better and I hope that they will take the feedback from the community and improve for future content.



I realy appretiate ur good manner and the good writing man :wink: thx

But its like get a child education “right”. Sometimes only mannert words arnt loud enough because they allready got the money from me and after a request they denied me a refund.

So in my opinion my relativly harsh words are reasonable… If they want that I do betatesting they should get me onboard before I pay fullprice. For that exist early acesss

And only If its common today u shouldnt accept it without protesting. I do the same vs rightwing populists but this will get out of hand ^^ Im very passionate and will stick to my principels

Thx man for the infestment. U made me smile :wink: