Should Team games be like this?

every civ will have its advantage, but premade teams are consistently going like 2 Aztec 1 German, or 1 otto 1 France, and it’s obvious what they’re about to attack with, but the strength of that civs core unit of cav or musket or whatever is so strong there is like next to nothing you can do?

when you see a team like that who is clearly premade why not just resign so you don’t waste your time lol?

Idk how this can be balanced.

Pre mades are usually going to do better no matter what due to coordination often via voice. But assuming you are going to try to even the playing field:
-play flexible age2 civs that can boom and have several good units. Brits, inca, african civs, mexico/usa can all make decks that both boom and allow complement each other.

  • ask your allies what they They doing and figure out what to do
    -mix a few units to anticipate poor ally coordination. If brit longbow, mix some pikes so when your 2 iq ally ##### ### instead of saving your longbows from uhlans its not a disaster.
  • do play balanced. Go for mix of tempo and greed.

-Play fragile civs like lakota or haude or civs that cant brawl age2 like spain ports. Some civs like dutch that are “locked” to certain units can be hindrance with randos

  • play too greedy or all in. Assume youll have to carry your team and be well rounded.
  • make fragile units if allys seem slow or unable yo respond. Huss, musk, goon, these are the units you will mass
  • flame allies etc we all trying to win the best they can, if your outmatched try to give advice and gg when its over.
  • do any weird builds and expect them to carry, lobby that shit if your wanting your allies to work for you its a democracy on the queue.

Again, pre made teams dominate the ladder as they allow more efficent coordination and team combos. You either enjoy lobbies or think of the above beforeing queue with randoms. Besides, sometimes you get arg fare as an ally so its not all bad just remember its a game. Hope that helps!

In team game boom civs are easier to defend rush due to larger map, team army combination and harder to take full map control.
Except Otto I can’t see any problem from above civs combination.