Should the age of empire IV enviroments change with time AKA could the forest regrow and the mines reapear xd

posible changes that could occur during the games as the time passes it has logic if you think that you pass centuries every time you pass an age

I’m not sure about reappearing mines, that would make them less valuable and not very realistic as regrowing forests. Devs have confirmed that fish will repopulate, and become an infinite source of food. Forests also will reduce sight so i think they kept them simple and don’t regrow.


issue with regrowing trees is that if they regrow somewhere between your buildings it’s going to be annoying to take down and stuff, mines have no reason to reappear, I’m not sure how mining evolved but I don’t think that there’s much change till much later in history about how many minerals were obtainable in mines


For that, the development team needs Peter Molyneux, I think;)

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I could see trees regrowing and keeping things balanced perhaps a slower grow time In desert maps and faster in maps like black forest. Mines however I like the limited gold and having to find alternatives to make gold late game as a strategy. And from the teasers it looked like this is the case with gold.

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yeah i only included the mines to generalize the scope of the concept xd, but the areas were the trees regrow could be limited to areas far from buildings and other simple rules :smiley:

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Fish in the ocean replenish overtime according to an interview.

check the game mechainics thread , there is a screen shot there which shows a tooltip of a gold mine and it literaly says that it contains 800 gold at first , if that runs out it can be refilled by a villager to contain 1000 gold

I personaly wouldnt like that. Resource managament is a hge part of age games, and even wood at some point is a very important resource. It regrowing would kinda change that concept. same with mines/fish.

But since fish already repopulate, who knows? :smiley: