Should the AI bots be re-adjusted?

IIRC the AI has a 10% gather and work rate buff on them in order to make them a challenge and tbh I think they are getting to a point where even without that they are getting pretty competent, weird issues like melee at range aside(I think its a network bug)

should that buff be removed?

I think they should do it like SC2.
Have extra high difficulties that are officially cheating and have cheat in their name.
Every thing below doesn’t cheat.

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we already have the handicap system so its fine

I just think that the current AI is sort unintentionally designed around that 10% gather rate buff so it might be a constraint in terms of its more strategic performance since if it can do more complex stratergies then it will be hypercharged by that buff

Cheat AI could include things like being able to see everything the player does that or free Empire War wagons on Age up.

The Handicap is nice for that too.

In my opinion, if the AI can be free of hidden handicap, it could be nice, but the AI is not ready for that yet ^^
Like I already pointed out, I think there is some easy to see problems of them, like Deck building which is not adapted to game settings and weird behaviors (see here : AI Improvement Options 2022 )

I’m agree with the OP idea :slight_smile:

I enjoy the harder A.I, bring it on I say.

Right now the AI is great, but I am noticing some issues that imo should be fixed first:

  1. In some games, the AI is commiting too much to an all-in commerce age push. Its okay if that works out, but if it doesnt, then it should eventually try to age up, particularly when its enemy has aged up and is making upgraded units. This is most notable in team games where sometimes an AI will let an entire team down by not aging up and focusing again and again on full aggression with Commerce Age units, despite being repelled again and again. They then cap themselves at 45 vils and when coin mines run out they don’t do anything since you cant make estates in Commerce Age. They are then stuck in commerce forever.

  2. AI usually doesn’t listen to human players when you ask them to attack somewhere or defend somewhere. It almost always refuses, and never helps the human ally on the offensive. Usually if I’m going against an AI enemy in a team game, all the teammates on the other side will help defend. But when enemy troops are in my base, the AI will sometimes help, but mostiy no.

  3. AI cannot use markets yet (or maybe it can, can it?)

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