Should the AI selection and mod support be improved?

Hopefully this doesn’t come across as too self-serving, but there’s a couple points about finding and using AI mods that I think are worth bringing up.

AI mods in this game are somewhat hard to find and use. If you go to the mod browser and search for AI mods you get this, a list mostly comprised of historical battles:

Then when you do find and pick one, it applies to all the AI in a game whereas some games have an option to select different AI’s. In AoE2 you can select from some legacy options like the standard version, CD version, or HD version. Once you download some AI mods then you can select them via the drop down:

In AoE3, however, you have to enable and disable AI mods through the mod browser. They also aren’t multiplayer compatible, so you can’t start a coop game verses a modded AI unless you both have it installed.

I get that there aren’t even that many to choose from, but do you think they should be easier to find and use, or at least supported in multiplayer?


Isn’t this caused by modders themselves improperly tagging their mods?

Would be nice, but might be quite difficult to implement into the engine at this point.

They are! I checked your mod and the issue is you include a .txt changelog file, which isn’t recognized by the game and causes your mod to be multiplayer-incompatible. If you remove this file or change it to an XS file, that would fix the issue.


Maybe moderators could have the power to parse through the mods and properly classify them? There has to be some solution.

Thank you! I’ll remove that and see if I can host some games! The feedback was just “you have mods enabled, you can’t play multiplayer unless the other person also has the same mods enabled”