Should the Mongols and Huns share a new Architecture Set?

This topic comes from the idea that both the Mongols and Huns were nomads, although little is known about the Huns. How about the devs make a separate nomadic architecture set suited for Mongols and Huns. Like, everyone else here, I feel like the Mongols using the East Asian architecture set, doesn’t suit them. They should get a new nomadic architecture set. That maybe they could share with the Huns?


To me they are fine as they are Mongols and Chinese should have the same buildings as Mongols became a settled people in china.Huns are an odd case anyway so they can just stay as they are.
Also we have a central asian set for tatars and cumans already so if anything all four of them should be in the same nomadic set.

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I’m fine with Mongols staying East Asian, but ever since Last Khans came out I wondered why the Huns weren’t changed to the new Central Asian set.

How did the Mongols become “settled”? Even Kubilai the most “settled” of the lot used to migrate his court up and down and around his north China territories… The Mongols did not ever build Japanese style castles… :o

The Mongols, Huns, Cumans need a new set. Persians and Tatars can get the blue roof set.


Mongols are later settled in China and it is not odd to get same architecture set with Chinese.
Huns are odd one but I think they get European architecture because they conquered Roman Empire (But Eastern European set is not the architecture of Roman Empire though.) Huns may get separate architecture set of nomadic for Feudal Castle age to Roman Empire architecture in imp.

Like Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese not ever build Japanese style castle either. I think current East Asian Style should be separate architecture for Japanese and other East Asian country (Chinese, Mongols, Koreans, Vietnamese) need new architecture set. Current East Asian building is basically Japanese building.

Central Asian set is based on Timurd Empire. Huns are not suited for that architecture set. Persian can change to Central Asian set because that architecture was hugely influenced from Persian.

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While most of their population did live a nomadic lifestyle, mongols did have several cities with settled people living of trade and low level industry. After the conquest sedentary population increased further. Since your base is supposed to be a city it doesn’t seems that weird to have mongols building houses.
The problem is the east asian architecture is overly japanese. It should have been more chinese oriented.

Huns are a joke of a concept. They don’t even belong to the middle ages. Any discussion about historical accuracy lose meaning when talking about huns in this game.

Did the huns vikings goths build in the german style too?

in the good old days huns were used by scenario makers to represent hungary so the building set was fine,but now its a different story.

The Huns and Goths are anomalous yes… The territories which they occupied were taken by the Magyars civ who also built castles later. The Vikings did become the kingdoms of Sweden and Denmark later on in the Middle Ages and they built castles.

The Chinese set could be based on what they had in AOE1DE. But modified for the AOE2DE. A Mongol/Tibetan build set would be great to have if Tibetans were added.

You mean mongols and mountain china should have the same set with the chineese,right.

I’d always assumed they went with the German style buildings for Huns because of associations between Huns and Germans from First World War propaganda. (But this is just an assumption – I have no evidence.)

The reason all East Asian civs have Japanese architecture is easier to make sense of, I think. In AoE1, the architecture sets were based on the civs that had campaigns, with other civs being allocated architecture roughly by their geographical area. The same was going to be true for AoE2, and almost is. During development there was a Japanese campaign planned, and Mongols (and Vikings and Celts) were going to be a “raider civ” with a different tech tree and a separate architecture set. But the plans for both raider civs and the Japanese campaign fell through, and we ended up with a Mongol campaign with Japanese buildings…

If anything, Huns should get ruined versions of either A) The Mediterranean set, B) West Europe set, or C) Central European set. They were a lot more famous for destroying than building after all. I wouldn’t be opposed to a nomadic set though.


Possible inspiration for a Chinese themed build set…