Should the Sipahi become the replacement for the Knight instead of the Horseman?

So, I’m asking this question because the Horseman is a light cavalry while the Knight is a heavy cavalry and Sipahi were historically heavy cavalry and because of that, it would be nice for them to be a heavy cavalry that replaces the Knight rather than a light cavalry that replaces the Horseman and perhaps a new melee-type light cavalry that replaces the Horseman can be introduced as well as introducing a unique horse archer for the Ottomans.


Pretty sure the Sipahi was placed as a light cavalry unit because it was supposed to toggle between melee and range (thus also making it a horse archer). In the trailer we can actually see Ottomans having horse archers:


Pretty sure in the campaign there will be some sort of upgrade for Sipahis to toggle into a horse archer, but it would have been great to have it during regular gameplay too. The civ desperately needs some unique, fun mechanics, since Jannisaries are uterly useless and the millitary academy is kind of a disappointment.

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There will be no campaign with release. Devs gives us beta but at release they will give us sipahi horse archers.

I think they changed the Sipahis to not having a bow because they realized too late that those aren’t Sipahis but Delis which correctly didn’t wield a bow to battle.


Now comes how to balance a unit that is basically a Knight line that can toggle between a melee mode and range to the game.

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In the vision where the Sipahi is basically a Knight line, it won’t be having range mode.

I… extremely doubt that. It wouldn’t make much sense. They need the archer-Sipahi to be tested before releasing it. It’d make absolutely no sense for them to put only “half of the civ” (let’s say) up for test and the rest release it as a surprise. It would render the testing period completely unusable since the balance feedback would be completely different to what the civ will end up being.

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We will see that. Releasing only civ isnt half of the civs. If there is campaign, there will be Byzatine. No Byzatine, no campaign and devs dont say that there will be campaigns.

From what I understand, sipahi are basically generic cavalry. There were many different forms, ranging from light, to medium, to heavy cavalry. I think it’s fair for them to kind just be either. Realistically, they probably usually got as heavy as the sofa horsemen the Malians have. Keep in mind that the “horseman” unit actually gets quite armored over the ages, both visually and stats-wise.