Should the Supplies discount change from -15 Food to -25% Food and affect all gold infantry?

I like the Supplies tech. I always like buffs to infantry civs and more reasons to use the Militia line outside of the standard M@A rush or Post-Imperial trash wars. I also feel Supplies is an indirect nerf to unique infantry as a whole, because a 25% food discount on the militia line is a tough thing to beat when deciding to use the militia line or unique infantry.

Therefore, do you think the Supplies tech should change its discount from -15 Food to -25% Food and affect all gold infantry to bring back balance between the militia line and unique infantry? Or do you think certain unique infantry should instead get a buff to their stats to offset now costing even more food than a Supplies militia line?


I am all for it. Unique infantry should be affected by supplies as well.

I think infantry in generell should be buffed, especially in castle age where they dont trade cost effectively against knights, in contrast to champions who do trade cost effectively against imperial cavalry.

If buffing the general infantry line or buffing unique units makes certain civilisation bonuses overpowered, than reduce the numbers on those bonuses.

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Another idea would be making squires available at feudal


Yeah, I really like the idea of buffing infantry in general, but some units are okay the way they’re. You can’t buff eagles, woad raiders, or berserker. They would be broken. I guess that the best thing is to simply buff some UU (in particular, samurai, Jaguars, Teutonic knight and maybe huscarl)

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Guys can you say why are you suggesting this? I’m not being sarcastic I just don’t see a reason to implement this. More balancing? if so… How it could balance the game?.

I wouldn’t call it BALANCE. It’s more for giving a reason to be to certain units. For example: Samurai doesn’t make sense right now, since jap champs are great, and with supplies thwy’re much more cost-effective. Same applies for Teutonic knights and, teuton champion. They’re some good units, but with supplies there’s not sense in recruiting them instead of militia line.

BTW, yesterday i won a match using mostly Jaguars. Those guys rocks! (when they’re required)

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I see the point of this change but technically infantry UU are still really useful, if you are in a late game setting with tons of food most infantry UU will still remain more pop effective than Champions, however if you make supplies affect UU it will be another nail in the Goth’s coffin (you can see this thread Request: Make Goths Okay Again) Basically the likes of Samurai, Jaguars, Throwing axemen, and so on are already good ways some strong civs can use to resist the only gothic strategy, so if those dudes get supplies as well it would be overkill

They are not better than Samurai though

Since when Militia-line was trash?

As i mentioned in the other thread “Request: Make Goths Okay Again” Melee units need a buff from the mid feudal to late castle age and Melee UUs have become nerfed by supplies.

Also I think Squires should be available in feudal to make it possible to catch archers and villagers. Supplies should also cost less food to be more viable in feudal age.

My idea was to lower supplies effect to 20% less food and affect all gold melee units and make goths civ bonus a bit weaker -25 or -30% infantry cost but they get Supplies to not nerf Goths even more.

This change would barely change units like eagles that mainly cost gold but help Teutonic knights and those units that have a large food cost. Also some PROs mentioned during NAC3 that champions are a bit strong now with Supplies being -15food

The UUs not being affected by supplies isn’t that bad sinc ein the latter stages of the game where you use them you’re supposed to drown in food. Right now, supplies makes it easier to produce LC along your infantry if you have trouble with food, but UUs will remain a better use of your population slots overall. So both options have pros and cons which is fine.