Should the tech "military drummers" buff(+15%) or "trunion" nerf(+10%) in the future?

Because the “military drummers” + 10% speed,and “trunion” + 15% speed.
That will make a falconet with trunion(4.6 speed) even faster then the musketeer and skirmisher with “military drummers”(4.4 speed) ,that’s a little funny,lol.And this will make their movement a little embarrassed if they are in the different group.
So my advice is make the “military drummers” + 15% too.Or make “trunion” + 10%.Both are acceptable.

No, europeans dont need more buffs. Doing that would become worse the difference for non arsenal civs


I don’t believe such a change is required. +15% on Artillery helps because they have a slow moving blast mode. I don’t think the movement mode being faster than a musketeer is really an issue.

What do you think about make “trunion” + 10%

I think this will make their movement a little embarrassed if they are in the different group.
So I think “trunion” + 10% is also acceptable.

Nah, I think it’s fine as is. No need for everything to be the same. Also the real point is 15% in blast mode is important and 15% in movement mode doesn’t matter anyway in most cases

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okay,my friend.But i keep my opinion,lol.

Easy. Just make it give +10% in movement mode, and +15% or +20% in blust mode.
Leave military drummers alone.

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great,my friend,hope this will be taken by devs in the future

@MatM1996 what do you think about it friend?

Yes, I agree…maybe the arsenal improvements are becoming too simple for what the game is now…maybe it would be better to unify some improvements and add new improvements to the arsenal…

yes,my friend.hope it will be taken by devs in the future
And in my eyes,falconet shouldn’t faster than musketeer and skirmisher,lol.

May be all of the European countries can add a technology called “ballistics”,it can make all of their artilleries +2 range but -0.2 speed,I think this will be interesting.

what do you think about it,friend? @Opdepov

In my opinion jannis should be slower to compensate their higher HP and BF construction indeed

you mean artilleries?

Janissaries. Everyone want to nerf ottos, and they got Nizams as buffed musketeers, so most players would be ok with the change.

Oh yes, it could be…

okay,but i think jannis is not so fast and need to be neft,and they are the elite force of ottoman,so they need to be so strong
i think the unit need to nerf their speed is azap,lol

i just want to offer a kind of Tactical selection,this will make some kinds of artilleries such as falconet more effective in the late game but for slow artilleries such as mortar,this will be a great commander should choice it wisely.