Should town patrol not cost gold?

Town watch costs 75 food. Many people seem to not get this in feudal because it idles their TC. I guess you get it if you get housed and have already researched loom then you would. In castle age however with multiple TCs it seems pretty worthwhile to get. Town patrol on the other hand rarely gets used. It costs 300 food and 100 gold. Most people would rather make units with gold. Also units usually have good LOS by this time mostly in imperial age when it gets researched. It would slow down the ability to get to imperial age by too much if researched in castle age. Should town patrol only cost 300 food to make it more worthwhile to get? I don’t understand the aspect of making it cost gold.


The Town Patrol technology can be very useful for defensive purposes depending on your strategy. Knowing about an incoming attack from an exposed area a few seconds sooner, without having to waste resources on buildings, can make a huge difference.

Yes I know the reason for it’s purpose but many think it’s not worth it. Outpost/tower plus town watch is good enough for most people to see what’s coming. I mean if you have no map control and are stuck in the corner in imperial age then I think you could put 300 food and 100 gold to better use. You have much bigger problems then getting +4 additional LOS.

This was a tech created in AOK. Since then many units have received LOS bonuses to make this technology less useful than in AOK. It’s the problem with trying to balance units and techs from a game 20 years ago with much fewer upgrades than in DE. Many techs and units were pretty expensive in AOK because it impacted the game much more than in DE today.

I agree it could be made considerably cheaper. Maybe sth like 175 food.

I like that tech, but I agree it seems kinda expensive. Maybe take out the gold and put wood cost. Or just leave the food

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“Most people” “Many people” How do you know that? Have you made a poll? I would like to see the result of that poll in that case. Please post a link. Your opinion is yours not “many peoples” or “most peoples” But I agree I usually wait until Imperial to use it but far from allways, it all depends on the game. Its an option and you can use it if you want. If not build outposts or live in the dark :slight_smile: The beauty of this game is that you have to make decisions on the fly, and you have to weigh one thing against another the whole time. If everything is free or just cost Wood the game would loose much of its soul.

Basically, I agree what @letmepickthis said. I think it should be cheaper in any way.
No matter there are really “Most people” “Many people” or not, I will be one of them at least.

agreed, dew it! (20 characters)