Should Trade Posts Be Revealed By Default

I’ve always thought it was a weird bonus for native American civs to know where the trade routes are from the start. It definitely made more sense with the America only scope of legacy since they were local and knew the land better. I can’t really think of a reason it shouldn’t be a feature for every civ. Knowing where the trading posts are is more memorization based than skill based so it’s a bad thing to make a civ bonus. it will be a great quality of life change for casual players and forpro players it won’t make a difference since everyone has the maps memorized anyways.

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I mean once you get decent at the game you know where they are anyway.

right, so why not just reveal them so people can get decent at the game faster? Also, even though it’s easy to remember or just guess where a trade line is, sometimes it’s easy to forget how far along on the track the actual sockets are and waste precious seconds on an age 1 tp. There’s lots of new maps in the game and some. with unconventional trade lines as well.

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It also allows you to see hunts and treasures that might be going on.

I consider that all TP should be revealed according to the region you are in and according to the civilization you use as I already mentioned here.

For example, Europeans can see royal houses, Asians can see native Asians, etc.

In the case of the natives who are in different continents, the map would be taken into account instead of the natives, for example the Jesuits who are also in America. So for example the Incas could see their position, but not a European civilization.

As you say this assumes local area knowledge of the “host” nation.

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Totally agree, and to go one step further - keep the Native TP view as is, and allow all other civs to only see regular trading posts (not native ones)- and with zero or minimal LOS.

It will permanently reduce the learning curve and not require playing tens of games on each map to memorize. Heck, I still have a hard time remembering where they are on the newer maps - it takes a while especially when you have such a large map pool.

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Flavor wise that makes sense but it’s going to be confusing for new players to have tps be revealed or unrevealed seemingly at random up until they realize the pattern. It’s already such a subtle bonus that when I was first starting out and maining native civs it actually took me a little bit to realize why I sometimes couldn’t see trade posts. I think it needs to be universal since in game mechanical civ bonuses shouldn’t substitute or be invalidated by game knowledge. That’d be like if only certain civs could open up their tech tree during a game or tell which outlaws are on a map without building a tavern first. It’s absolutely pointless for someone that knows these things by heart but could be useful info for a beginner so it’s odd to have it arbitrarily locked behind a specific genre of civs.

That’s true but I’ve never personally felt or heard the opinion that this is a significant issue for the civs that can already see trade posts. The only civ off the top of my head that would overly benefit from seeing the corner of a hunt is Japan. For treasures the effect would be almost entirely symmetrical, admittedly with a slight edge to the person that spawned closer, but that’s always been the case. On the other hand it may actually make it easier for the further player to snag the treasure since they know to make a B line for that specific spot if the enemy’s civ likes to make age 1 trades post and will be too busy to race them to it.

The native civs need to have their bonus stand out which is why I said for all other civs, only show trading posts - and with the minimum LOS possible.