Should Xolotl become a viable strategy?

Some may not know that when you convert an enemy stable as Incas or Aztecs, you can train the Xolotl, a Unit, that has the same stats as a Knight, however you don’t have bloodlines nor armor upgrades, so its really just a novelty unit.

Do you guys think the Xolotl should be improved, so it becomes a viable strategy to try to convert enemy stables.

Personally I’m thinking about giving the Xolotl +1/+1 armor and +10HP as well as an Elite Upgrade in Imperial, giving another +3 attack +1/+1 armor and +30HP for 500F/400G.

Also the Xolotl could be impacted by the respective civs. UT, meaning +4attack for Aztec and +1/+2 armor for Incas.
Also should Mayans get Redemption to be able to join in on the Xolotl strat? (Maybe loose Fervor and Block printing in exchange. With El Dorado giving them +40HP

It could be a high risk high reward strategy, as with my proposed stat changes, they’ll be slightly better than a generic FU Cavalier.

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Nah, should be left as an Easter egg. Giving Mayans redemption could also open another can of worms


i think the xolotl is a fun meme unit that isnt meant to do much wrt balance, and to suggest they be better than FU cavalier makes no sense… why would a meso civ have better cavaliers than any other civ?

would be great if mayans lost block printing (part of the counter to onagers) ROFL, anything to nerf them


Short answer: no
Long answer: there’s no point in buffing a unit you should not be able to make just because yes. The advantage in converting enemy stable it’s already there: they can’t make light cav to counter your monks and that is more than enough considering how op aztecs’ monk already are

No, mayans are already hella strong. Giving them such good counter to mangonels makes no sense


Definitely yes!

Presently, it isn’t worth the trouble to convert an enemy stable. This would be a fun (albeit rare) strategy that would make it into a T90 video.

I mean you either get their stable or they’ll delete it, and either way they’re down a production building. If you have redemption and are pushing it probably makes as much sense as destroying the building with other units rams/mangonels/infantry/cav etc?

It will never be a reliable strategy, so I think it isn’t worth investing too much effort into.
I agree that it would be a nice change to make them a bit stronger - maybe even just let them be affected by melee infantry upgrades - that way they also scale a bit into Imperial Age. But there should be a lot of things that need more attention than this.

Best buff to Xolotl: remove the ability to delete the stable being converted!
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Who cares, it would never work in a real game anyway as the opponent would never let you convert their building and there is no way you would ever make one of these units.

You bring up an interesting point. I don’t think I’ve seen a building conversion in team games or competitive play. It is easier to destroy enemy buildings and build your own. So, what’s that point of building conversion even being in the game?

It can be useful in a monk push, to deny opponent an army and get yourself some meatshield. Although yes, redemption’s more important role is being able to convert siege

Its not that its not worth converting buildings. Just usually u would delete your building before it gets converted. Buildings take quite some time to get converted.

Yes… as it should… you ever tried winning a theological debate with a brick wall??? No??? Well imagine trying to do that with a WHOLE BUILDING!


The aztec monk rush is fairly standard though, in arena especially. Redemption is a pretty strong tech to convert buildings and mangonels, but it also gives aztec monks more hp.

Maybe you don’t consider red bull wololo competitive, but there was still money on the line. Yo converting stables vs LaaaaaN with incas

Here’s some AOELympics game with a stable conversion (timestamped links)

and later on in that game many other building conversions

Stable conversion in a team game and xolotl warriors, (converted a tower earlier on)

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Thanks for the follow up. I watched the videos. I can absolutely see it being viable for civs that can monk push, particularly the Aztecs.

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