Shouldn't Delhi get "glowy effect" for attack speed buffs too?

The English have an attack speed buff from two possible sources, the Longbowmen Arrow Volley ability and the Network of Castles thing granted by defensive structures to all units in a wide range. Whenever a unit is under one or (only Longbowmen) both effects, it glows yellow.

The Delhi Sultanate too has an attack speed boost from two possible sources, the Tower of Victory’s permanent upgrade to all infantry and infantry archers that come within its radius of effect and the Scholar’s Zeal that improves damaged units attack speed for the duration of the healing. However, other than applicable units entering the Tower of Victory’s radius for the first time, the Sultanate’s attack speed is not visualized by a yellow glow.

Why not? If you didn’t manage to have all your barracks and archery ranges within the tower’s radius, it would be reasonably necessary to see at one glance who slipped through the net and didn’t collect his buff.


Yeah, I find that weird too.

There is an extremely tiny icon just above each unit’s details showing you if they got the Tower of Victory buff, but you’d need to go one-by-one checking if some missed it. As for the Scholar’s boost, that’s nowhere to be seen I believe.

Even for an enemy it’d be nice to know if the army you’re about to face is buffed or not, just as it happens with the English as you mentioned.

Perhaps because its “Forced”? I mean, I would certainly not be glowing if I got whipped into running.