Shouldn't These Glaring Balance Issues be Addressed Before Adding New Civs?

Speaking from the top 150 in ladder and having exploited these civs successfully myself:

India on Water:

  • Extremely little risk, extremely high reward with little to no effort to pull off. The new Ports on water civ.

  • Increase dock wagon build time on time significantly like they did with Iro to delay it slightly.


  • Excellent eco and army all game with little effort or risk. Go-to civ for anything.

  • Add 3 seconds build time to manor houses and increase wood cost to 140w.

  • Decrease manor house build bounty XP by 4 xp.


  • Native rush is absolutely oppressive and best rush in the game with no drawbacks. Tambo start is rewarded too heavily in the most recent patch with the new synergies.- Kallanka build is still broken, especially when combined with FF - which can be pulled off far too easily and quickly. Shouldn’t be able to FF then mass that many huaracas and bolas that quickly, and then keep full batches of units going indefinitely.

  • Add 5w cost to Kancha house, making it 185w.- Reduce starting food by 50.


  • Saloon builds are extremely rewarding with little drawbacks, and even more so in team games.

  • Decrease coin trickle from saloon from .6c/sec to .3c/sec.


  • Need a mid-game Abus buff, late-game Jan buff, and a very slight early game eco buff.
  • Decrease base settler spawn rate by 1 second.
  • Decrease Abus base attack to 35, increase ROF back to 3s for synergy. I did the math extensively on this and it does not make abus significantly better or worse by any margin, mainly just for synergy.
  • Increase multiplier against light cavalry to 2x instead of 1x. Keep 0.5x to ALL cav, this way 2x to Light cav this means they will give away the base damage (1x) instead of only .75x.
  • Buff Age 4 Janissary School card to also decrease training time by 10% as well as increase HP and attack by 10% (That’s 21 HP and 2 attack).



Let’s see nerf all the civs you don’t like and buff the one you play. Got lt!

Inca is the only thing you got right. They are obviously op.


I literally used all of the strategies above and the free ELO I got from them was stupid and boring. It was literally the first thing I mentioned.

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i think india is sleeper op currently, but its not a popular civ; if you’ve found water to be too strong, well, idk i think every india eco build is a little too good. Dock wagon build nerf would be a good starting point of course. Apart from that I think you’re 100% on point with suggested tweaks, as they’re neither over the top or underwhelming. great suggestions


India laming has always been strong. Even in TAD. It’s just that people take it too hard at the wood villager things. They also have a full complement of units in age2.

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Indians are tough. I find the elephants terrible to deal with but that’s the game. I figure it’s just the matchup. I lose against them often.

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My secret weapon against india are petards. I always try to snipe their inspiration wonder in the heat of battle.

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Imo tweaks are useless. If you say it just needs to be twerked it’s not op. Tweaking doesn’t fix broke. Tweaking just scratches somebodies pet peeves. There are no end to those in a game like this.

Did I mention that inca is broke. They need more than a tweak.

Yeah, I agree India is sleeper OP for sure, not only on water but land as well. What would a good tweak to their land be?
Obviously the devs agreed India is too strong which is why a few patches ago India’s houses were made +10wood more expensive, but I don’t think that was enough of a nerf.

I wish there would be civ win stastistics made available to the public so we can see the real win ratios of what civ over performs and what under performs.

And yes, Brits definitely need an adjustment to manors IMO. They are always the most played civ in tourneys by far and they win more often than not.

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I think the +10 to houses for india didn’t make it live.
I think the inspiration wonder needs a tiny nerf. Their timings are a bit too strong and backed by good economy.

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Nooo, indian wonders arent that good to be nerfed. I mean it’s just 20seconds for 10% bonus on HP, attack and some speed while you need a coundownt to use it. Remember that indians dont have arsenal upgrades, so that speed bonus isnt that great compared with other civs.
Instead USA gets that (OP) flag and Japan the golden pavillion that dont need any countdown.

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They have cards that make up for that. TEAM Shivaji’s Tactics and Dravidian Martial Arts come to mind.
Pretty sure USA flag has a cooldown.

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Of course, cause other civs dont have military HC cards for units, it is a unique bonus of India.
Shivaji tactics is only 5%…

But it keeps working indefinitely with USA units/buildings near. In my opinion building shouldnt count to that.

Wrong ! The original price was always 80w and as an experiment they tried 70w but it didnt affected the gameplay at all. so they reverted it back. Indian is no where near a top tier civ especially in Team/late game.

People just tend to judge on the basis of the standard old Indian fort rush in 1v1. In Team and treaty games India needs alot of updation espeacially with these new civs and other civs having wayy better options.

Its a team card. And Indian cards are are very mediocre and basic.
Also unlike every other civ…
India lacks an Arsenal.
lacks any units beyond 28 range till age4 and 30 range after age5. Meanwhile now even natives get mortars. Let alone, japan and port.
Slowest train times in the game.
pathing issue with Elephants.
and 100 more minor issues.

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How is Inca broken? Used to play them a lot, since the latest patch a full kancha boom now costs about 400w more to do.
I’m guessing something to do with the native rush which I’ve rarely ever done, I remember it being nerfed many times too, has the change from 2 warhuts to 2 builders alone made the native rush so much better?

They don’t rush so much now as turtle and boom. They are virtually impossible to rush and very hard to raid w any effect.

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But the turtle/boom hasn’t majorly been buffed from the last patch or at least I believe it hasn’t? Only thing different in terms of booming is the 3v and 5v shipments which really only puts the civ in line with practically every other civ, before it was so slow to get going and really hard to do anything well other than the native rush.

The kanchas being able to make wood with a card or the wood ceremony buff is really irrelevant in supremacy because your units cost 3x as much food as they do wood or just food and gold and the game rarely gets late enough that you run out of wood, those 2 changes are really only important for treaty or maybe team.

If anything I’d say the recent patch made a turtle/boom worse because you can no longer age up with 2 warhuts which completely shut down any early aggression and the kancha boom now requires 400 more wood. Only thing that seems to work better is the native rush with the 2 builder travois from age up being able to be used for native tps.

The travois build is very common

Wow who could have foreseen native rush would be broken again when you remove 540 res cost from inca early game and replace them with standard vil cards. Truly this a surprising turn of events.


Like I said they don’t rush. I can’t recall in the last several weeks a single time I was rushed by the inca at my level. They turtle.