Show the resource gather rate per second

What really matters in AOE3 is how effectively settlers gather resources unhindered from work. This is really important, and if intuitively they show the total amount of resources they are gathering per second, it will be more convenient for economic strategies.

We can tell from the settler’s stat how many resources they are harvesting per second, but we don’t know the exact amount of these. It is inefficient to divide 60 from the displayed resource gather per minute to get the resource gain rate per second.


Seconded. The game already uses resources per second on villagers and buildings gather rates, feels odd to use resources per minute for the top bar. At least give us option to choose between displaying Resources per Minute or Resources per Second.


Yes, There should be a toggle option, or a select option in the menu under options where you can choose either resources a minute, resources a second, or none. This is the more player friendly approach, giving more choices to the player enhancing their experience

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It makes more sense to do it per minute. If you have settlers who are hunting, at a mill, berry collecting and some fishing boats then they all have different rates. plus factories and trickles and etc. Unless you want some display that does all these individually which seems to be more complicated then worthwhile.


The possibility that a settler will remain in place for one minute is unlikely except for a treaty or a late game. Rather, since the gathering units all have different ratios, the probability per second seems to be better to accurately grasp it.

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While I find the resource/minute extremely useful, it would be nice to have resource/second as well.

Res/second would not be that useful. How many res/second do you need to maintain production of musketeers? A musketeer takes 30 second to train, and 5 muskets costs 375f + 125c. so, 12.5 f/s and 4.167c/s. these numbers are hard to calculate and they’re unintuitive. Might as well just figure out the number of vills we need like we’ve done all along.

One useful increment would be 30 seconds. Again, a musketeer takes 30 second to train, and 5 muskets costs 375f + 125c, so you would just have to look for that number to know if you’re making enough to complete your batch. However, cav trains at 40 seconds usually, and most units take a few seconds more or less than 30, so it’s not perfect.

1 minute is not that bad because you can just multiply an infantry unit’s cost by 10 to estimate the res/m you need for sustained production from your barracks. so you just need 750f/m and 250c/m to maintain musketeer production on a barracks. Hussars take 40 seconds to train, so the calculation is 120f * 5 * 60/40, and 80c * 5 * 60/40, which is 900f/m and 600c/m for a full batch.

If you want to use the new system effectively, it’s best to remember some key numbers for early game production for your civilization, and remember that you’re going to lose some food to walking and other idling, so you should generally round up.

Some common numbers to remember:
  • vills: 240 f/m to produce. (you could use 250 to account for walking)

  • 750 f/m, 250c/m for muskets

  • 900 f/m, 600 c/m for hussars

  • 455 f/m, 591 c/m for skirmishers (I use 500, 600)

  • 711 f/m, 711 c/m for goons (750, 750)

  • 445 f+w/m for crossbows and pikes. (450, 450)

  • and 550 f/m, 365 c/m for caroleans if any drongo fans were wondering

This is pretty useful for determining when to build another barracks or stable. if your income exceeds these numbers, probably time to add another building.

Now what would be REALLY useful, would be the inclusion of these numbers in tooltips.

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