Show us the 1x1 PvP battle.!


I probably won’t speak for myself now, but for the whole community.

When will you finally show us a game video from PvP 1X1 multiplayer.
I think it’s high time.

Why … there are pre-orders when players have not yet seen the game in a game situation.
And I say in advance that a few game videos told us almost nothing about the game.
And the main thing is that we haven’t learned until now how the game is played and what it looks like in real play.

So what’s left for the nice community from the silent developers …

Well, silence again and they will show us some of the same videos again.

I think we are one of the biggest communities. But I also think our community is being treated badly.


I would like to see a 1v1 as well. Get a feel for the game and see what it looks like when you are playing


I strongly assume that we will not see something like this as long as not even all civs have been presented and the closed beta has not yet taken place.


Yes, you are 100% right, but still, let us dream. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please. So we can have many topics to discuss instead of only how bad graphics are.


It seems to me that Microsoft itself is running this game like a cash cow and only presenting “marketable” information as to hype up sales and possibly get new buyers interested, Microsoft itself doesn’t have a shred of concern for the actual core community and has made it very clear that they don’t care how we feel. As for the Age developers themselves, I’m sure they would’ve included us at all steps of the process if Microsoft business overlords weren’t involved. Edit to clarify: I basically think Microsoft is/has been blocking the real developers from posting any new info just because Microsoft is only allowing them to release info that can be shown in a beautiful marketable video, that way sales reach their maximum regardless of how the game actually performs. I’m sure, as Andy said below, that the real developers do indeed care deeply and would not be acting this way if they didn’t have tight restrictions from their business slave lords.

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It’s worth mentioning that the entire concept of creating a sounding board of community players and involving them for years during development is from all accounts totally unheard of in any game, much less a AAA title with hundreds of developers. MS is a corporation, and corporations do not have feelings. But the people developing this franchise are humans who care deeply about getting this game right.


Right, which is why I included my final sentence. But do you think the “sounding board of community players” justifies leaving hundreds of thousands of fans completely in the dark? Starcraft, the most comparable AAA RTS title, had broadcasted tournaments for the game before release, and a plethora of real gameplay months before release. I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just one of the agitated people who find the lack of info 90 days before release to be highly concerning (put mildly). I can’t see how including a small select group of fans in the development process is a good reason to not include anyone else on literally basic gameplay information… Another example of whom I’m a big fan is Paradox games, and they post new information called developer diaries EVERY week, YEARS before the release of their major titles…


Yeah I am not equating a small group of players with having had regular access with good communication with the public in the six months before release. I would not have expected this kind of silence, had you asked me in April.


That’s reasonable and fair, thank you for your replies since you seem to be the closest we can get to official answers haha. Also I apologize if I was rude, I just released all of my anxieties from checking the forum every day with no new information for the last several months :stuck_out_tongue:


They have to release a lot of new information at Gamescon or I don’t know what they are doing here and AoEIV is doomed to fail if they don’t.


Well, the best game I’ve played in my life never had “community councils”, so you get dev vision of the game, IMO that is just a waste of time and resources, much of the time people don’t know what they really want until they are presented with the game…

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yes, the best games I have played never had community councils. I dont know that I have ever played a game with one.

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Historically, every game that hold gameplay videos for so long were a huge red flag.

The most recent is Cyberpunk. Only releasing highly scripted gameplay videos and forbidding content creators from posting their real gameplay videos until the game is released.

The game will release in 3 months and we don’t know anything about the gameplay.