Shrivamsha rider moves too fast

Yeah if you look at YouTube search for those fights Mameluke beat cataphract easily, with no micro

0:23 cataphracts won…

11 a match without micro. So i guess by this video elephant counter mamelouk right?

Cataphracts have some cavalry armour that negates some anti-cav bonus damage. 16 (half the halb’s bonus damage, nearly all the heavy camel’s) for the elite. Allowing them to beat camels with bruteforce.

Well, The Viper won against them playing as Franks today, so I guess Franks are more broken than Shrivamshas

Evey units counter any unit in big groups

Massed archers with micro is still fine against shrivamsha riders. I agree that Gc+mameluke should do better against SR as those require much heavier investment than xbow and should be rewarded.

Melee projectiles like throwing axe/ gbeto is hard to micro and require castle as well. I am not sure whether dodging these projectiles/siege/bullet is intended design. But massed xbow doing better job than them :person_shrugging:

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Thanks for the explanation, i knew that and wasnt really surprised by that. But there was a Statement Made that the outcome was the other way around and we should look for it on YouTube.
I did and Just wanted to share.
And as someone already Said, without micro it doesnt really mean anything

Micro depends on whether or not the player is paying attention to his troops at the moment. And terrain has an impact, on top of that. Is it open, will is slow down the cataphracts or prevent the mamelukes from staying at a distance ?

I hardly see how to make an “average” situation.

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Especially with the Shrivamshas currently. With their super speed in the right hands they just become an absolute nightmare to deal with.
They just run through bases and basically never die while looking for unprotected vills. So you have to garrison and ungarrison all the time with basically no effect on the units. You just don’t get rid of them.

And ofc this is almost impossible to explain from an “objective” perspective. It’s just how it effectively works out sometimes with very skilled players.