Siamese Civilization Idea

Hello, I’m new here and was hyped when the expansion was announced as it meant possibly more civilizations in the future for Age of Empire 2. The Rise of the Rajas had Southeast Asian themed civilizations with Burmese, Khmer, Malay and Vietnamese but was missing the Siamese, an important empire once in Southeast Asia, represented instead by the Khmer in campaigns.

So I’ve come up with a few ideas for the Siamese civilization, however with no historical justification for the bonuses/techs, just some neat ideas I would like your opinions on.

Elephant and Monk civilization(Also infantry)

  • Farms extra food +50 In Dark Age, +100 food in Feudal Age, +150 food in Castle Age, +200 food in Imperial Age
  • Monks regenerate faith 25% faster after a successful conversion (Stacks with Illumination)
  • Redemption and Atonement are free

Unique Unit: (A cataphract elephant)
Name: Armoured Elephant or Heavy Elephant
Cost: Food 130, Gold 100
Hitpoints: 300, 375(Elite)
Attack: 14, 16(Elite)
Training Time: 20 seconds
Attack bonuses +3 vs buildings, +5 vs stone defence and +5 vs infantry
Blast Radius: 0.5 tiles (Larger Area of Effect than the Battle Elephant)
Rate of fire: 2.0
Melee armour: 3
Pierce Armour: 1
Armour Class: Cavalary +10, +12(Elite), War elephant +10, +15(Elite) [This means that the Elephant will completely negate some anti calvary/elephant bonuses eg Genosse crossbowman but will still take some reduced bonus damage from the spear line and camel line]
Speed: 0.8 (Slower than the average Batte elephant)
Line of Sight: 5
Elite Upgrade cost: 1200 food, 800 gold

Unique Technologies:

  • Castle Age Technology: Elephants deal an additional +25% of their attack as trample damage (50% total of their base attack becomes trample, same as the original Battle Elephant
  • Cost: 300 food, 500 gold
  • Imperial Age Technology: Infantry gain +1 melee armour and +3 pierce armour
  • Cost: 1000 food, 500 gold

Team Bonus:
All ally’s trade carts and trade cogs speed increased by 10%

Technology Tree:
Missing Technologies:

  • Archery Range: Arbalester, Hand Cannoneer, Thumb Ring
  • Barracks: Eagle Warrior (Possibly Squires too)
  • Stable: Paladin, Camel, Steppe Rider (Possibly Husbandry too)
  • Siege Workshop: Onager
  • Blacksmith: Ring Archer Armour (Possibly Plate Barding Armor, to encourage ranged weakness for Elephants)
  • Dock: Fast fire ship, Heavy demo Ship, Shipwright
  • University: Bombard Tower, Arrowslits, Treadmill Crane
  • Castle: Sappers
  • Monastery: Heresy
  • Lumber camp: Two-man saw

Strengths: Melee fights, Late Game, Infantry, Cavalry, Monks, Siege and Economy
Weaknesses: Hit and Run(Ranged Units), Early Game, Archers, Ships, Siege(Onager)

The Siamese is designed to be a pocket pick late-game civilization with powerful options but has a weak early game with only a wood saving farm bonus which does not add up to much and when they hit the castle age they start to get their power spikes with monks and once they hit imperial age they get great farms, trade carts that generate more gold, and powerful elephants and infantry options. The standard army composition for The Siamese is infantry to soak up arrows and deal with cavalry, elephants to deal with cavalry, monks to convert back elephants and heal, and bombard cannons to deal with siege and ranged units.

Overall these were just some ideas combined together and I don’t believe these bonuses/techs/unique unit will ever become a reality but I’m sure hoping for The Siamese civilization to come to Age of Empire 2 one day, just for more of Spirit of the Law’s cute elephants facts :smiley:. Anyways thanks for reading and I would like to hear your opinions or ideas for The Siamese.

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I like it. Probably too Monk dependant, but utilizing the Farm bonus can be very interesting - I would skip Horse Collar and Heavy Plow to get extra resources. Yeah, you can do it with current civs, but with this one the Farms won’t die fast.

I think this is too Malian. I’d prefer +1/1, but only affecting Champions.

You should keep all the Elephant technologies, like Plate Barding and Husbandry, otherwise they will be useless.

Historically the Siamese used gunpowder a lot and had strong defenses against Burmese and Khmer attacks. What would be the Campaign? Naresuan the Great - (Khmer)Burmese-Siamese Wars (1547-1600)?

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Interesting way of using the farm bonus to offset the early game weakness for saving some extra resources to spend on early military probably.

Well, I was thinking they should have a way to offset their weakness of ranged fights but I reckon the Elite Battle Elephant can do that job instead with 3 pierce armor +4 with fully upgraded blacksmith. Probably switch around the technologies and change it to +1/1 for champions only.

I think the elephants should have a slow but powerful motive for The Siamese so I do agree they should get Plate Barding Armour but shouldn’t get access to husbandry to give them a weakness to ranged units of being more easily kited, as the elephant’s weakness of anti-cavalry is offset by their Unique unit and their weakness of Monks a bit offset by their own better monks.

1547-1600 seems a bit of a stretch for Age of Empires 2 timeline but I don’t know myself for any Siamese Campaign, so possibly yeah.

I don’t think so, because the Burmese campaign happened at the same time.

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I guess The Siamese could have access to gunpowder units such as Hand Cannoneers, Bombard Cannons, Cannon Galleons and Bombard Towers since it doesn’t offset their weakness of ranged fights but will have to lose access to Partihan tactics, Heavy Cavalry since Hand Cannoneers now suit the role of anti-infantry ranged unit and also Elite Cannon Galleons to make sure they’re ain’t entirely a gunpowder civilization, meaning they get below-average Hand Cannoneers missing Ring Archer Armour, also missing Elit Cannon Galleons and average Bombard Cannons and Bombard Towers.