Sicilian and Spanish bonuses in nomad

Either make Sicilians have there bonus for the first TC or remove the Spanish bonus before the TC is dropped. Sicilians already gets the bonus if they lose the TC in Dark Age so not having it for the first one makes no sense. I know having your TC up this early is broken so I suggest making the Spanish bonus the same since they are already strong in Nomad.

EDIT: reading the commends and talking with players the most logical thing is for all the civs bonuses to come in effect after the TC drop (like the Chinese and Mayans and in extend Sicilians). This will hurt Spanish only on Nomad maps which they are already strong, if the devs want to make them better in open maps it’s a different story. In my opinion not every civ should be good in open land maps and not every civ should be good at water maps.
I gave Sicilians as an example because is very unfair to give some civs their bonuses and some others not to.


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as much as Spanish turbo eco into UU is redundant, I think Nomad is the one map where they are top tier. If you remove their early TC, they would need a buff as a civ because Spanish are not very strong on every other game mode.

without the early TC, Spanish would be bottom tier on Nomad. Having a good UU isn’t very relevant on Nomad, else Goths, Mongols, Poles should be top tier also.

It’s rly that extra Vill in Dark Age in the form of a fishing boat for Persians + Malians and in the form of an actual vill for Spanish.

Having the tc up early is WHY they are good on nomad

I agree that sicilians should have their bonus in some shape of form, but since spanish have 30% and are top tier, sicilians with 100% could be problematic.

On the other hand, it is also true that sicilians lack other assets for nomads like good navy, or a strong UU to FC into, so it would not be the same.

Maybe devs could artificially make the First sicilians TC take longer to build, like cumans TCs, so that with 100% faster building it gets closer to the spanish building time

i think removing the faster build speed for the first TC of Spanish makes sense if they get some compensation. this way they can get a slight nerf on Nomad and a buff on all other maps


Just Change Sicilians Town Centers and Castles building speed to increase age wise.

25% in dark age,50% in feudal,75% in Castle,100% in Imperial.

Although u cannot build castle in dark and feudal, i think we can make this change.

They also need buff in other categories to push their play rate and win rate

I think spanish bonus should remove from first tc. They are already strong with their uu.
Sicilians should have access to their bonus for first tc. Their farm bonus is not good for nomad type map and their uu is not that good in nomad.

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Imo sicilians bonus there is fine. Sicialians just need some love for their serjeant play. Imo the best way would be some bonus to one of their ranged units like archers or scorpions

For some longer time I already push the idea of changing the Spanish bonus to TCs + Castles + 20 % and all other buildings + 40 %. This would be a slight nerf on Nomad but a slight buff on more open land maps like Arabia.

Yeah. This is exactly what Spanish needs.

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i like the idea of it, but it feels kinda weird to give them a bonus in feudal which does literally nothing

it’s for tc dropping (laming)

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Spanish don’t have a good UU… Spanish have the best UU with no counters, nothing in Castle Age can counter 3 Conqs let alone mass them. Goths, Mongols, Poles need to have a mass of their UU and none of their eco bonus help in nomad.