Sicilian team comp

I am struggling with them.

Donjons feel clunlky, specially in feudal. Sargents build them slowly and dont fire extra arrows although they cannot be interrupted by damage like villagers while doing so.

Donjons cost 200 stone. Their UT need both. A castle and some TCs to be noticeable. Thus, they need a lot of stone. If you go donjons, you cannot boom or build a castle.

Besides their infantry, all their land untis miss some important upgrade, although fortunatwly they have their defensive bonus to ignore bonus damage.

What are the ideal army comp for them in open maps?

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Cav that aren’t bothered by pikes, especially knights in castle age against pikemen.

This forces the enemy to go either mass archer mass or their own knigs. Respond with siege ram against archer (mangonel in castle instead) and your own halbs against cav.

Late game I would go siege ram halb serjeant