Sicilians speak Italian while Italians still speak Latin?

It’s a bit weird that the Sicilians were given voice lines in Italian while the Italians still speak Latin, in fact, none of the civs should speak Latin, Byzantines should speak Greek, with the exception of the priest and king


I liked that the sicilians speaks souther italians, since Italy at the time had a different language for each state (and there was a lot of states…).

Probably "northern Italian" (Italians in the game) should speak a different language than latin (but which one? Venetian, florentine, Lombard, Genoese…?), but still it’s nice that the new civs have that little details in there…


Especially since Sicilians should speak Sicilian so it makes the most sense: Sicilian language - Wikipedia

After the base of the current Italian is the Tuscan

Totally agree, Byzantines Greek, Italians italian, Sicilians should speak somekind of Scandinavian mix? since the portrayed had viking heritage?

What does the Burgundians speak?

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Bregognon also called Burgundian. Sounds a lot like French. I understand almost everything they say.

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Actually norman nobility spoke french, while normal people spoke greek or arabic, depending the region. Maybe in the norther territories (south-central italy) there were some lombard-speaking people, but that is just speculation of mine.

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Exactly why Latin is probably used: because the Age2 devs do not have to pick and chose ONE Italian language type to represent the civ called “Italians”.

Personally, I think that Latin is fine. Especially considering that: (1) it was the language of Ancient Rome, the first overlords of Italy. (2) It influenced the development and formation the so-called “Romance-languages”: French, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese and…of course, Italian. (3) The “Italian language” as we know it today, took some time to develop into the “universal Italian” that people know today, largely as a direct consequence of Italy’s fragmentation in the medieval era, were the various Italian city-states would have pushed for their own version of “Italian” in a linguistic war that stemmed from all the physical wars and economic rivalries that persisted throughout Italy.

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The Normans did have Scandinavian heritage stemming from their Nordic roots…but by the time they firmly became “Normans” and no longer “true Scandinavians” in a sense, that they began to forget their Norse tongue and adopt French, as the French were the nominal overlords of the Normans. When the Normans came to Italy, they likewise adopted some of the native dialect, but they mostly retained their French-Norman tongue for their nobility, but eventually, that too would fade away in favor of more Italic dialects.


The Sicilians speak Sicilian dialect in the game, not Italian. And it’s glorious.