Siege are too tanky!

It was supposed to be the most fragile and the most powerful damage dealer unit in the game.
But currently, it is too tanky due to torch damage.

Torch damage attack speed is slower than the melee attack speed of units, and when it comes to knights it is a huge problem when knights should be owning the siege with its high attack and faster attack speed.

Please increase the bonus damage of MAA and Knights against these sieges. They (siege) are support units with heavy damage not a frontline tanky unit with high damage!

It becomes a problem when bombards are too tanky and it would take ages to destroy them. Currently, the only counters are springalds, culverins and the Fire Lancers. Everything else is basically useless when it is defended well and repaired frequently…


i think also they are to tanky. the chinese one has waaay to many hp. and bombards are too strong anyway…there is no need to train culverin. They do the same dmg as bombards against siege and are too usefull against every building.
and when you play dehli, bombards shoot your expensive elephants easily down…no counterplay…and now after the patch even more uselss.
siege spam wins every game late…thats stupid


Totaly agree. Siege should be slow and vulnerable to melee dmg, especially cav, but deadly if you manage to correctly setup the fight and protect them. Right now they are just way too strong, and the only way to counter them is to build more siege… so in late game it’s full siege vs full siege.


I totaly aggre with that. The clocktowers 50% is way to much 20-25 would be enought imo.

normal siege is good at the moment imo. You should get a chance to repair in and the hp value is upgrade based too