Siege Capable Towers


Just as an idea to discuss, despise that will never be implemented due to coding or other reasons. Lets just discuss the idea as if was a “Real Option” please.

I was thinking on the towers on other games tha allowed Siege Weapons to be fired from them.

My idea in the simple form would be to create a new tower that would have similar stats as a wall, except for a +3 view range since is a tower, but also meaning no defense capabilities without a Siege Weapon on it. Plus an increase in range.

In a more detailed form this is what I would imagine:

Max occupancy (only 1 type of unit per tower)

1 TREBUCHET or BOMBARD CANNONS (including upgrades) +3 Range, +3 minimal range, plus 10% attack points, minus 10% accuracy

1 MONGONEL (including all upgrades) +2 Range +2 Minimal Range, minus 10% attack points (brcause in theory from a tower the rocks will disperse too much causing less damage) minus 10% accuracy.

2 ORGAN GUNS or SCORPIONS +2 range, +1 minimal range same accuracy and hit points

2 FLAMETHROWERS all stats the same basically making the tower a fire tower but if 2 of them are inside it would have twice the flames.

This type of tower will have limited use, it would be as vulnerable as any wall, with no defense against unites close to them, but combine with any other towers or castle, can make it a good defense in theory.

Aslo just to make it a little more complicated… lets make that the Siege Weapon is not automatically ejected when the tower gets low in points, but will be destroyed with the tower if not manually ejected. And also should be possible to destroy the Siege Weapons without necessarily destroy the tower.

Thank you for reading and participating in the discussion :blush:

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