Siege Elephants have problematic design

India’s main culverin unit Siege Elephants have a design issue, normally it’s condired to be a mixture of culverin and mortars but on the other hand it can’t be countered by culverins, the only way to counter siege elephants is making light infrantry which results a design issue. In order to solve this, siege elephants should be stronger against light infrantry and weaker against other artillery units, this change would also help brits and ports to deal with india, which are 2 civs that struggle against it most.

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Agreed these elephants wreck me whenever they appear. Very difficult to do anything to them and their accompanied high hit points.

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If you look on the wikia, you can see it is both Artillery and Light Cav. That’s why Culverins are not that good: they have extra damage against artillery, but lose half of it because it’s a cavalry unit as well.

If you look at the multipliers, you’ll also see they have very low base damage and a negative multiplier against cavalry, so melee cav should do wonder there.

Also let’s not forget you are talking about one of the most expensive unit in the game, It got to have some advantages.

I highly suggest when you see an unusual unit to look at all it’s stats and try to see how to counter it before deciding if the unit is OP or not.


How you can make the Siege Elephant weaker against other siege when Indians don’t get Culverin, so you want them prone to other artillery?

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It’s a very annoying unit just because it has a good range, is fast and culverin can’t pick them off, it’s easy to say there’s many units that counter it but it’s a lot harder to kill a tanky siege elephant with skirms or cav when it’s surrounded by sepoys, if it was weak to culverin like most artillery you can just quickly snipe it.

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Ironically , Siege ele is the lowest ranged mortar. 28 vs 40+(mortar )
And Lowest ranged Culv - 28 vs 34(culv)
Its Extremely Costly ! and its hard to make them worth its pop and resources.

If you take 2 falcs against 2 siege ele , ull definetly loose ! but if u carefully see, n balance the pop efficiency and attack. U’ll observe siege ele are such a burden to carry with.

If u want to count the HP, then u can should consider, that unlike a normal artillery having 0.75resist
Siege ele have the usual 0.30 range resist

The only class of units in the game , which is quite poor against Siege Elephants is Pikeman-style units

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Well, you need to remember that they are a super expensive unit, and they need to be good.
If culverins counters them they will be a objectively bad unit, as the Indian player would have to invest a lot of resources just to have their units dying to a much cheaper unit.

I like the current design of the unit.

Did you meant siege eLOWphants?


Not, siege eles are countered by everything, they are light cav, cav and artillery. You can send halbs, skirms, longbows and culvs. SE dont have too much range and they cant kill infantry, they need a buff not a nerf

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It’s not so much them but the stuff around them. The elephants just pound away at whatever they are destroying at the moment. you have to choose whether to try and stop it or not. When you run at them you have to destroy the surrounding army first or you will die. While you are doing that the elephants are working your units over. It’s very difficult to deal with.

Siege elephant are fine. And can be countered by goons, huss, musks, halbs, and skirms.

You really need to BE Careful with THEM as they lose to everything, but if you can micro them they can wreck bases

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Actually siege elephant (maybe rifle rider as well) is a great example of “how to create a hybrid unit/a unit assuming distinct roles beyond its generic counterpart” → which is to make it countered harder and have more weakness. It is the only “artillery” that is countered by skirmishers.

This puts me in a dilemma because while the unit is very versatile and strong, it is too expensive. Bearing in mind that India can only obtain anti-infantry cannons at the embassy, since generally they do not have cannons created all the time and the guerrillas can attack this unit without relatively problems. This is a siege and anti ship, anti building and anti cannon unit. Against the rest of the units it is ridiculous.

esse post e real ??? a artilharia indiana e uma piada.


Siege elephants aren’t countered by the unit that normally counters artillery, but they do have counters, they are ranged cavalry Actually so skirms will do work to them, musks don’t get countered by them so that also works, keep this in mind, it’s a unique design but I wouldn’t really call it a design issue since it still has a similar amount of counters that a normal artillery would, just what units counter witch takes getting used to, I would say the design is similar to the Lakota rifle rider in that it counters things slightly different than it’s standard counterpart.

Culverins and skirmishers have bonus against them(they arent cav, onli light cav). Also, like other artillery, they are countered by melee units as halbs and hussars.