Siege Elephants OP?

what do you guys think about this unit? i do agree that they seem better than a ram because of the blacksmiths upgrades, and splash damage, and needing just one upgrade instead of 2. it’s like a ram but with much higher general melee capabilities

It also is expensive to upgrade and vulnerable to pikes. Leave it be


yeah but against anithing but pikes it’s tankier and more dangerous, and you can’t beat it with villagers which is unheard for a ram tipe unit

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There is literally one thing where it is considerably better than the standard ram line and that’s against vills.
Man if we argue everytime there is a new slightly different unit that has one special tweak to an old one we can’t implement anything different to the game than the already existent.

I personally would have pfreferred if the Siege Ele was resistant to mangudai + onagers (at least it is more resistant to kiptchak and cho-ko-nu), but I think the vill fighting thing is a nice mechanic and it was questionable why vills were capable of destroying rams before anyways.

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So it has advantages and disadvantages.
It also costs alot more then a standard ram to upgrade.

N2m it costs food to field


Siege Elephants die to Flaming Camels, Rams don’t, so it’s not OP :smiley:


Armored Ele is balanced. Siege Elephant is actually underwhelming because it takes too much damage from Camels and Halbs.


Not to mention that everytime hera or viper make one of this catchy clickbait videos there are always people here that become obsessed with the catchy stuff.
Especially Hera is often extremely opinionated and he admitted it some days ago in his stream also. It’s just how he is and he doesn’t even wants to be taken that serious. I think it just helps him a lot cause as a pro you have to make decisions very fast - that doesn’t means he is right he is just very conscious what means that he can actually do things at that speed he does. And it’s ok, the feedback from Hera is there - and btw it’s nothing new we figured that one already out when we first saw the Siege Ele. Nobody complained about it at that stage, it was just a “fun fact”.


that is not correct. you ned 1300F and like 125 seconds iirc to go from ram to siege ram, while you just need 50 second and 650 F to upgrade the armored elephants, so it is actually half the cost

well i posted here on the forum especially to get a different opinions since i do not personally think it an OP unit, and i just would have wanted the people opinions on it to get a more well rounded sense

to make it clear, it’s not a “nerf” thread. it’s merely a “what’s you opinion on it and why”

Now include the blacksmith upgrades, and husbandry and bloodlines.


It’s balanced because it is too cool to nerf. End of story.

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i do not think you get those upgrades if you are just doing armored elephants. it’s just a side-effect when you are already going for them for cav

it is sexy as heck i agree

Then enjoy your expensive unit that is going to be wrecked by villagers almost as bad as rams do. If you dont get those upgrades its not really that good.

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btw how strong is it in castle age actually? Then it has only 6 attack and 0 melee armor with full upgrades. Siege Eles have 8 atk, 1 armor. I think this can make a bit difference when fighting vills.

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4 and -2 base. 6 and 0 with upgrades.

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Another disadvantage is that they need to be healed by monks - whilst repair vills are usually protected by the rams non-pass-through the monks healing distance makes them more exposed - especially when murder holes isn’t researched castles often just shoot down healing monks of the armoured eles.
Monks are also way more expensive.
It’s niche, but it’s nevertheless another practical disadvantage of armored eles.

These civs also don’t have knights.

Let them have some good things.

This works both ways though. Healing is free and doesn’t cause vil idle time, which is lost resources . Monks can be used for a ton of other things aside from healing. It’s not like they’re created to purely heal your siege elephant and now unable to do anything else.

This is another “it depends”. If you’re gurjaras you’re almost definitely teching into cav anyway. But any of the others the cav upgrades situationally stack up

It’s definitely not a directly comparable unit. As we said BEFORE the unit was launched, it has its advantages/disadvantages in different areas to the ram.

Even the fact you can’t garrison units, but then the ele doesn’t need to garrison to get the agility.

It’s still too early to tell if it needs tweaking but so far it seems fine. If anything the drav one could get a buff somehow

Wondering why Devs didn’t make med corps 30 from the start. It’s 100% always better to have an overwhelming than an underwhelming tech because you can’t analysis how good something is if people don’t use it

Sure and that’s why the click bait title