Siege Engines and Italian Artillery

Ah ok, well but that’s a mod, it can be deactivated.

I mean, aoe2 have snowman MaA, some people like this stuff, others don’t, but it’s completely personalized so I don’t see a problem there.

It could be a regular unit, but until it’s not something that you just spam out of your foundries I’m fine if it’s something that you train in 1 or 2 units every 10 games.

Just hope the trash organ gun gets removed from Portugal.

The only trolling is Portugal with organ guns and spanish technologies.

Edit: It is indeed playable, but not buildable. Apparently you can only get one by advancing with the politicians of the imperial era.

Way to get the davinci tank:

Requires ‘Advanced Politicians’ card.
Captura de pantalla (4)

Then you advance with ‘The inventor’ in the imperial age.


I wonder if it would be possible to replace the War Wagon with another unit for Germans civ - Mounted Infantry (from Habsburg Royal House). In this way, a completely new Minor Civilization could be created that would specialize in sieges - Hussite Camp (visually it could resemble Karlštejn Castle surrounded by siege machines and Chapel).

Hussite Camp could offer training in War Wagons, Trebuchets and firearms precursors - Hákovnice (Unfortunately, it’s not in English).

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Hákovnice (Unfortunately, it’s not in English).

Can be translated as “Arquebus” in English I think. The two words seem to have the same origin (hook gun).

At times it’s more historic aom than Aoe3 :rofl:

Normal is set in Antiquity, you don’t notice so much ahistoricity… in aoe 3 you have Aztecs facing off against American gatlings…xd

Swivels werent really used besides on ships and imovable objects?