Siege in attack-move stop retargeting after destroying landmarks

Siege units in attack-move mode once faced with a landmark will destroy it but stop moving forward and attacking other buildings.

How to reproduce:

  • Get your enemy to build a landmark ahead of other buildings (may or may not include other landmarks, it’s irrelevant).
  • Send your siege units in attack-move mode to move a considerable distance past the front-most landmark of your enemy.
  • Watch as your siege attacks that landmark but fail to move past it as instructed.

Seconded. This is happens outside the PUP (not sure if OP is on the PUP). My bombards would randomly drop attack orders as well (not attack-move). Right click a building to attack, then give different unit a command and the bombards stop in their tracks.

It also happens when you order the bombard while another unit or an ally has LOS of the target building, but then the bombards drops their orders once you lose LOS (but can still see the building in the fog of war)

I did install the PUP, hoping this was one of the squashed bugs, but alas it’s not.

So you are right, it happens PUP or not.

Thank you @EricGonzalezM and @firstcesarsama for reporting this. We’ll definitely investigate. Much appreciated!