Siege meta is back! And I hate it!

When I see Ottomans, I just leave the game.
Please, why you do this?
Do you really hate your player base? or what?
Why making the siege a meta again?
Springalds are useless. Everyone is making sieges.
Only civs with culverins can deter enemy force for a while.
And eventually the enemy breaks my defense.
Everyone in ranked and team matchmaking hates this meta.
Why you do this???
If you hate your player base, just say it!
If not, please put a statement that you will not do this again!


I have to agree, although I wouldn’t take it that personally.

I mostly play HRE, they have access to culverins and they don’t seem like a worthwhile investment.
Bombards can also just be used as anti-siege and have the added value of also dealing damage against structures.

I don’t hate it.
I do hate the springald continuously stopping the game from ending by destroying any form of momentum. It’s a bad dynamic and I’m glad siege can actually do their job now.

The thing is, there are no counters for the Ottoman siege snow ball. Janissaries repair siege too fast. And they also counter all kinds of cavalry. I am speechless at this point. There should be some kind of a unit, which is not siege, but hard counters sieges. But there really isnt any. That is the main problem for me now.


Yes it it seige needs a limit and and a nerf to damage