Siege meta needs fixing

just faced an abassids player on mountain pass, could not even touch his army due to having 5+ mangos, this game needs fixing so bad. the player base is fleeing from the very title because it lacks the ability to even be fun, how can one enjoy a game when his army is just annihilated in 1 hit, i even had springalds to counter, but my enemy had springalds to counter my springalds, the game makes no sense, it has a very bland and its free of an enjoyable game, i suggest nerfing mangos into the ground, because this game is dying with siege like mangos, bombards just destroying armies, i cannot enjoy noe game due to the pure fact if my enemy has 4 mangos my army dies, its just boring and really does not help the health of the game. we are now talking over 70% of the player base has just left the game, thats on steam alone, so i wonder how it actually is on the xbox game pass, Relic, Nerf all siege, i mean ALL siege otherwise your game will be dead with the next 6 months, not saying it out of hate, stating it so i can play the game and have fun.

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Friend, we need not be so hasty with opening new threads on hot issues like this one when so many are yet active. We out to simply add our thoughts to those threads in as constructive a means as possible and hope for the best outcome in the upcoming patches. :slight_smile:

As to your conundrum in the opening post, on the Mountain Pass map, you are going to need to rush and secure some advantage early on, or anticipate the siege fest in order to not waste anything up until the point of siege at which time you must, as before, secure an advantage by destroy more of his engines than he does yours. In the current state of the game, there is no alternative to those except in the odd case in which your opponent is unaware of his options for defensive advantage.

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my bad, but i think the more threads we see making the same claims, the more the devs will be inclined to fix it.

of course, my mistake for not mentioning the fact that i went for an attack in castle age, i had 4 springalds, around 20 Maa, some archers, some horse archers and some warrior monks, my enemy had 3 springalds, 4 mangos and some archers, so i thought right if i dont push now it wont be looking good for me, so i broke down his wall, push over, killed the mangos, killed the springalds, and most of the archers, by the time i had completed that, i had lost everything but 4-5 Maa, sadly i had to retreat, rebuild my army, that was when i went imperial, he also went imperial, spammed mangos, with some Maa, with some archers and some springalds, shortly after i hit imperial, he pushes me, i engaged, killed 1 mangos of the 6, then he proceeded to kill my whole army in 1 shot, it was so disgusting and boring, if i was a new player and i played this game for that to happen to me a few games in, i do not think i would play again. but im not a new player, i got over 500 hours logged and im SICK to death of mango spamming.

Ah, I see. Did you have your military buildings advanced toward the front line so they could continue to produce reinforcements to a rally point on his side of the pass while you advanced or was that not an opportune choice in that game?

There is definitely not something exciting about the siege play in this game when there are lots of engines on the field at once.

my recruitment buildings were almost right next to the pass, but i was saving for imperial and just making units slower than usual, so i could build for a better attack with more elite units, which still died very quickly due to mangos. the game is in a very poor state if im honest, i don’s see it lasting 6 months at this rate and thats me being generous, the siege meta and a few other factors account for this. relic has really made a mess.

They’re already inclined to fix it, savage empire has been replying and said he is looking at all the ideas in the other thread.

It’s best for his sake that he doesn’t have to look through a billion posts for one topic, I’m sure he doesn’t mind and probably does, but you’re just decreasing your chance of getting heard in actuality.

its more a case of the devs knowing there is an issue, opposed to getting myself heard, but i understand what you are saying.