Siege of Empires 4 - Springalds

Dear Devs,

We (you) need to seriously evaluate the use of springalds in the current siege roster.
The majority of the game is already heavily focused on siege. Mangonels got nicely reworked, and they are rather useful. Thanks for that! But that unfortunately just gave springald civs more power.
Rus and Mongols can field 13.5 - 13 ranged springalds, while culverins have only 12 range!!! Unupgradable.

I was delighted to have the first patch and, im fine with every 3 months getting a major balance package - although for a new game, it should get a lot more attention if we (you) are trying to make this a decades lasting esports AAA game- . However, it is what it is, fine. BUT, we have so many bugs currently (HRE pikes cant brace against cav charge, Delhi research times are wrongly calculated etc. etc.) that these bugs are considered balance issues themselves. These should be fixed in hotfixes, defs not every 3 months.

Bottom line is: Springalds have way too much range, therefore rus and mongol siege cant be countered. Also consider chinese siege properties to be seriously looked at. Ahem… clock tower +50% HP… Ahem… As a reason of all of that, culverins are useless, and civs with culvs but no upgrades on springalds suffer serious disadvantages.

Thanks for reading



Water or hybrid maps against civs like Rus are just an auto dodge, so I just auto dodge macro maps in general

Late game gameplay in general has a real problem

You have blob vs blob, so you might want to bring mangonels, but then chinese/rus advantages are just too insane so you get “siege superiority” with springalds - and the rus springals just snipe from 2 screens away

It’s all very silly

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